Brave is now Link Bubble, again

the Brave And Linkbubble

just Like Istanbul was Constantinople, Brave was Link Bubble, and now again again. But beware, the Brave still exists: it is now a different application called Brave and that is more like a conventional browser, with additions. Are you confused? I don’t blame you.

Link Bubble was, and is, a popular browser for Android created by Chris Lacy, the developer behind Action Launcher. Its main feature is to load web pages in background of bubbles floating as Facebook Messenger, and was sold to the startup, the Brave, the co-founder of Mozilla. A few months later, the transition began and Link Bubble is renombraba to the Brave. Not for a long time.

Brave is Link Bubble and Brave is Brave

Avisábamos in February that Link Bubble (or Brave) was in full time of transition, displaying both names and icons (one in small, one in large) in Google Play, such as when your dog is left in the hinge of the door that neither enters nor leaves. Everything indicated that it would end up being Brave and we we would ignore of Link Bubble. Not so.

Now the Brave, company, has two different browsers published in Google Play. One returns to be Link Bubble, after his little journey cambianombres, and the other is Brave, a browser based on Chromium with some additions.


Probably at this point you are confused, but in truth is a strategy quite predictable and that is summed up in the following phrase: why be satisfied with that users install one of your apps… when you can encourage them to install two?

The idea is that you use Link Bubble as quick reference to view pages contextually from other applications and Brave for the navigation of more serious, and proactive.

that Is to say, Link Bubble would be an alternative to the Chrome Custom Tabs, and Brave Google Chrome. In both cases, you get some added features in comparison to if you used Google applications such as the ad-blocking, protection, antirastreo and using HTTPS everywhere.

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock

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Link Bubble

Link Bubble1.9.58

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Brave is now Link Bubble, again
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November 3, 2016

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