Bret Easton Ellis says he was invited to ‘parties with children’ as Bryan Singer


  • author American Psycho was speaking on a podcast and stated that she left with two people who participated in the holidays with children.
  • Ellis has described as “murky, complicated” open trial of Bryan Singer.
  • However there seems suspicious surfaced right now ranging Brand your movie, a new installment of X-Men .

 Two men in sexual attitude

Bret Easton Ellis , popular author of besteller American Psycho has revealed a podcast (min. 59) he was invited to parties with children as he allegedly participated in the director Bryan Singer , accused of sexually a 17 year to use violence abuse.

In relations to accusations director of X-Men saga, the controversial writer says is very common to find in Hollywood parties with minor boys of age. “ There the idea that Hollywood by nature a little this kind of behavior said in an audio file (min. 59), before remembering the time when he was invited to such events .

The writer claims that these quotes are never identified as ‘minor parties’ and false identities there were the order of the day .

The writer goes further in his statements and further states that was dating two people who participated in these celebrations , and they did so voluntarily, but were lower. “I will enjoy this moment? Said one of them?. I know why I’m here, my expiration date and what these people want from me,” says the writer who told him about these parties.

Ellis has described “murky, complicated” process open against Bryan Singer and three other top executives of Hollywood , including the president of Disney Television

Maintains reservations about the specific accusation Singer. “ I find suspect in this particular case that has come to light now, just when the new film would be released. seems very calculated, “says writer and journalist.


Bret Easton Ellis says he was invited to ‘parties with children’ as Bryan Singer
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