‘Bride’, ‘The dark stone’ and ‘Vis a vis’ triumph in the Awards Actors Union


  • Inma Cuesta picked up the award for best leading actress and Pedro Casablanc, ‘B’, was the best actor.
  • In theater, the winners have been Daniel Grao and Barbara Lennie.
  • on the small screen ‘Vis a Vis’ and ‘the Ministry of Time’, the two favorites have been tied for awards.

Awards Actors Union 2016

‘bride’ and ‘B movie’ in film, ‘the dark stone’ in theater and the series ‘Vis a vis’ and ‘ time ministry have shared the highest number of awards at the gala of the 25th edition of the Awards Actors Union , held Monday at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid.

Inma Cuesta picked up the award for best actress for the film ‘ the bride ‘, which also carried the secondary actress (Goya winner Luisa Gavasa ) and distribution ( Ana Fernandez ). All dedicated it to the memory of his partner Carlos Alvarez-Novoa, also nominated and died last September.

On the male side, ‘B’ , the film about the ‘case Barcenas’ , won the awards for best actor ( Pedro Casablanc ) and distribution ( Manolo Solo ), while the secondary took him Felipe Garcia Velez, for ‘for nothing’ .

” ‘B’ was a necessary film, made with little time, little money and desire that in this country change things. do not yet know what will pass “said Casablanc one of the protest moments of the night.

Daniel Grao was chosen by his peers as best leading actor by ‘the dark stone’ , in a category that saw Victor Clavijo clinching the supporting actor for ‘Faust’ and Chema Ruiz Casting for ‘the brothers Karamazov’.

‘the dark stone’ did double because Nacho Sánchez was with this work the prize for best actor revelation, a category latter cross in the female side has awarded Berta Vázquez for the film ‘Palmeras in the snow’ .

as them in the tables, Barbara Lennie has received the award for best actress for the show ‘the closure of love’, while Ana Villa is carrying the secondary by ‘ the king’s speech ‘and Pilar Gomez the cast for’ When it stops raining. “

TV , have been tied in prize two favorite, ‘Vis a Vis’ – Maggie Civantos , best leading actress and Inma Cuevas Distributable actress and ‘the ministry of time’ Nacho Fresneda , best lead actor and Angel Ruiz , best supporting actor and director and presenter gala-. “To all who are waiting to bury their dead, justice, historical memory,” Ruiz said in another moment of claims.

joined him Antonio de la Torre, one of the betrayers – “Puppeteers all that you act without fear, seeking freedom” , and Garcia Velez said – “we put people at the center, human development is much more critical than performance economic “.

and in his traditional speech, the secretary general of the Union of Actors, Iñaki Guevara , which recalled that also marks the 30th anniversary of the union, and considered necessary at this point a review of the sector, for which the Union has recently held meetings with all political parties.

“Let it be vigilant,” he said regarding the commitment of various forces to support a Statute the Artist. The gala began with a video summary of the 25 years of awards. Angel Ruiz was assisted in the delivery of the most honored actors in the history of these awards, which are Carlos Hipolito and Blanca Portillo , and others like Malena Alterio, Javier Gutiérrez and Adriana Ozores.

wind orchestra and piano on stage , the ceremony reserved one of the most emotional moments with the delivery of your Lifetime Award to Juan Margallo , actor, author and theater director, co-founder and creator of Uroc Gadfly theater. Picked it up her partner, actress Petra Martinez, as in Chile Margallo is rolling. After recalling how they met, Martinez concluded with a phrase attributed to her husband. “Leave things in place, not as they are”

Special Award

The Special Award this 25th edition of the gala Actors Union was for the Festival a different look , which aims to improve the visibility and inclusion of artists with disabilities in cultural life.

Ernesto Caballero, director of the National and project Drama Center, said there is a absence “clamorous” of artists with disabilities , a term with a “fuzzy” boundaries.

Mabel Lozano received the award ‘Union Women’ by the documental ‘New Girls 24 hours,’ , denouncing the trafficking of women and also was nominated for the Goya . “Sexual slavery is a reality that is in our streets, in the eyes of everyone,” Lozano said. “For me cinema it is a transformative tool that takes us out of the circle of comfort”


‘Bride’, ‘The dark stone’ and ‘Vis a vis’ triumph in the Awards Actors Union
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March 14, 2016

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