Broken Age: long life to graphic adventures

Broken Age

Tim Schafer, the teacher of PC adventure games, returns to its roots with Broken Age, a game that recalls the best of the “point and click” of the 90s and has a gripping story that will take us to know the life of Shay and Vella .more than three years after its successful Kickstarter campaign, in which they managed to raise more than 3 million (its target was $ 400,000), Double Fine has finally managed to finish Broken Age. The game that much of the community has been waiting since Tim Schafer, the king of adventure, leave LucasArts in 2000 to fund this study. A game that not only marks the return of the genre Schafer gave him fame, but it also demonstrates the good time they are living through adventure games Telltale games or titles like Life Is Strange . The stakes could not be higher after games like Monkey Island (1 and 2), Day of the Tentacle or the recently remastered Grim Fandango . The expectations could not be higher and it is time to see whether they have met

It all starts with a choice. Shay (played by Elijah Wood), a young man sleeping on a spaceship, or Vella (played by Masasa Moyo ), a young woman resting peacefully in a tree of a Mediterranean village. Each with their own history, their problems, their dreams and their hopes. The first is the only human passenger of “Bossa Nostra”, an incubator ship is responsible for its care by feeding, educating them and entertaining him with a playground masked reconnaissance, exploration and rescue. For its Vella party lives in one of the many towns terrorized by the dreaded “Mog Chothra” a gigantic monster that demands the sacrifice of young women in the so-called “Maiden’s Feasts” (pack of maidens) not to destroy these peoples. Their lives could not be more different and yet both share the same ambition. Go their own way and not that marked them

 Broken-Age-3 Early election Character may seem short, but throughout the game can (and have) to exchange Vella by Shey and vice versa in order to advance the story. At the beginning the changes are free (can play throughout the history of one and then start the other) but at one point we will have to advance both simultaneously if we want to continue. And it is strange to say the life of our hero and our Mediterranean space heroin are two sides of the same coin . Hence my recommendation is that of playing around with everyone to go see how they evolve both stories and realize certain details.For advance in the game we have to explore every corner of the 2D game scenarios for key objects and clues to help us solve the various problems that arise. knife gone up interstellar map, through golden eggs and shoes . With their help and following the proper order (which we deduce by ourselves) we will solve puzzles as we go about knowing that “Mog Chothra” or the “Bossa Nostra”. Maybe at the beginning we find it difficult to advance, especially if you’ve never played a game of this genre. This is where the “missions” Shay has to do particularly relevant, is that due to its nature of “playground” allow us to easily learn the basics .

we better understand the logic soon, since at each step the puzzles are becoming more difficult and you better sit down if we want to play us some kind of clue. In fact, there are even times when we appreciate have pen and paper handy if do not want to end up doing “traps” and watch the solution on the internet.

 Broken-Age-4 may it rummaging in a 2D scene to find objects and clues is not so “exciting” and hit shots with a rifle that is not you ever just the charger, but thanks to the amazing work he has done the graphics department of Double Fine is a awesome experience. How can see in catches each stage of the game is a work of art . More than to be playing, the feeling is of being in a drawn in pencil and pastel and explore each of its corners to discover all its secrets box.

The “point and click “are nothing suitable console The control and gameplay is everything we expect from a” point and click “. We have a pointer with which we can move Vella or Shay, besides them interact with the different elements that surround them. Some may be looking forward to playing a story with this method of control, but they have a lot of nostalgia is impossible not to notice that a point and click game is not played comfortably with a remote control and joysticks. Even playing with sensitivity (against quicker want to move the pointer will be inaccurate) experience is not as comfortable as in a computer or a touch screen. I understand that the game is, but that does not mean that the control system is the best for a home console.

The way it has adapted to PsVita leaves much to be desired In PsVita (the game’s Cross-buy and Cross-Save features) improved situation worsens. On the one hand the control is much easier and more comfortable thanks to the touch screen, which makes it easier to enjoy, but on the other in the process of adaptation has been forgotten scaling and many of the texts, menus and tiny . Which, when you consider that Broken Age is a game to solve puzzles and read importante.6.5Broken Age is a handicap not only marks the return of Tim Schafer to the genre that gave him fame, but it also confirms the good now they are having all these games instead of attracting the viewer with “fireworks” do with stories worthy of Hollywood. History, art and “point and click” control are the pillars of Broken Age. And while the first two are unbeatable the third is just tipping the scale for better or for worse.

For many control “point and click” may bring you good memories, but nostalgia is not eliminates its rulings. Playing a game of “point and click” with a joystick control and is anything but a pleasant experience and often becomes so desperate when we have to dig around the stage. Hence, if much of the “grace” that have to play this game is the control method can not recommend be done with the version PS4, better play it on PC / Mac or iOS / Android (which also save us some money) .- Each screen is a work of art. – The history and the way they move both characters is very buena.- Playing a “point and click” and control console is not the best experience. – In some menus and text PsVita look really small. – Play PS4 / PsVita or computer is € 15 more expensive than doing it on iOS / Android


Broken Age: long life to graphic adventures
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May 27, 2015

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