Cagliostro, the most talkative of all time

Cagliostro, the most talkative of all time

Cagliostro duped the unsuspecting all over Europe, and Orson Welles and Christopher Walken will embodied in the cinema. This is its great history

The picaresque is a curious phenomenon .; not for the fact that there are people who make their living cheating and taking advantage of others but, rather, by the consideration that many people have of these people: it seems that in certain situations, value more cunning than bonhomie , which would give him a pat on the back to the scammer, the cheater of the day, and would tell his victim that it has deserved for a fool: another kind of blaming the victim, but more marked by praise his executioner. And while we spoil the whole party, we are not talking about someone who steals from rich inconsiderate to give the loot to the poor of solemnity, evil or that warrant the ingenuity of rogue who took their hair and thus has earned the latter monedillas his rapacity.

Among the most famous talkers, stands out above all the Count Alessandro di Cagliostro , which was neither count, nor was called Alessandro and his family was that of Cagliostro.

The man who ransacked Casanova

Born in the mid eighteenth century, very properly that of the Enlightenment, which was then known as the Count of Cagliostro is often identified as the Sicilian Giuseppe Balsamo , a member of a needy family of Palermo. However, this identification is not secure because, firstly, it is based on a statement shortly credible French sensationalistic journalist Theveneau of Morande, who also dedicated to blackmail and spying for their country in Britain and Cagliostro wanted refute in his Open letter to the Inglés People , and secondly, what the charlatan own you let go of the Inquisition when he was tortured decades after he left his supposed native island. This regardless of what he had, namely, that he was born in the unlikely a noble family but had abandoned him on another island of Malta. He usually identified as Giuseppe Balsamo, but this identification is not entirely safe because it comes from little credible evidence

If Balsamo was, his widowed mother made for her sake who enters the seminary San Roque Palermo, where the angel escaped, then click Convent of Mercy in Caltagirone, the pharmacist gave him their pharmaceutical remedies without noticing it when she was his assistant in the infirmary, poor knowledge any event, where he managed to winnow for insolence. In addition, teased a gem dealer selling you a map of a false treasure, why he was forced to flee from Palermo in 1764 .

At that time had 21 years of weed, and if we think we are his words, through the streets of Cairo, Rhodes and Alexandria before setting foot precisely in Malta a year later and access the Order of the Knights of St. John with the reputed to be a great doctor, thanks to what she learned apothecary mocked. And after themselves known in Naples, he settled for a couple of years Rome, the city where he met the woman who soon became his wife and partner of garnishments, Lorenza Feliciani, which became known as Serafina . With her at his side, he devoted himself to stick it to those travelers who came to the city could bring, endilgándoles pseudoegipcios love potions and amulets. Until the situation were asked unsustainable and had to leave by foot, a fact which, as I say, was not the first time he lived.


Travel Cagliostro – NotiziarioMassonicoItaliano

So they toured Europe, posing as a marriage of different characters and practicing scammers and sacacuartos . In his memoirs, Histoire de ma vie (1825), the famous adventurer Giacomo Casanova said that one day he stumbled into an inn in Provence with both , while riding a show loving, he toiled his bag. In addition, there forged a letter of recommendation with such skill that Casanova pointed out that his talent could take away their freedom and even their lives. But it was not the last time you saw them, since he re-encounter them in Venice, characterized noble as before been disguised as anything else, of ruffians, pilgrim or a Prussian officer and his refined wife.

As we consider the Chilean Dr. Lucas Sierra Medicine and superstition (1917), when the charms of Lorenza, who were very helpful in their raids, began to fade, “abused then in so Saturn extract many of the victims have arrived to lead colic “and that she” helped him make love potions, wine of Egypt, which was nothing more than a stimulant aphrodisiac based cantharides and sold at exorbitant prices “.

The newly minted Earl prophesied the French Revolution

As he had been the habit of this couple in places like Rome, Venice , Paris, Barcelona , where they left the account of the famous Hostal del Sol unpaid Madrid , a city that sold paintings to the Dukes of Alba and who had to flee because the Inquisition wanted to stop him, accusing him of making pronounce incantations and spells. And it was when deployed by London when he created for himself, Harat call was made, Tischio, Fenix, Pellegrini … But Monferrat It was definitely like the Count of Cagliostro in 1776 1776, the character of Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, a healer arrived from Egypt . In fact, it was presented in a small Soho Masonic lodge as an envoy of the Great Copt to establish in Europe the cult of Egyptian Freemasonry. He got the whole world in your pocket with his magic tricks, and healing to two expensive elixirs of youth ointments, one that would stop aging and one that rejuvenated a quarter century, which you were in high demand.

Three years later, Cagliostro and Serafina went to St. Petersburg Grande after the Masons of the Duchy of Courland, Latvia today, to propose it to the Empress Catherine, no less than as governor of the territory, given that he had rejected anyway before heading to court. There, he tricked the duke Paul, the pusillanimous firstborn cunning Tsarina, and this, believing rumors that Cagliostro was a Prussian spy, expelled him .


Orson Welles as Cagliostro – Edward Small / United Artist

And it was in your next destination, Strasbourg, where they found the victim more substantial: Cardinal Luis de Rohan, very close to the French court . After the woman banker Jacques Sarasin, the care of the Sicilian rogue, to recover from some unknown fevers and therefore that was the subject of a letter of thanks in the Paris press, a welcome addition to obtaining bank credit, Cardinal , who suffered from asthma, he knew it and wanted to know. Thereafter, this immensely rich man was for many years, “an inexhaustible source of income for the charlatan” in the words of Dr. Sierra, and even took part in the ridiculous and useless alchemical experiments of Cagliostro to make larger diamonds.

But it turns out he was not the only parasite poor cardinal false Countess de la Motte Valois also sucked the blood , and with it he predicted astrologically Rohan a good future in the court of the ill-fated Marie Antoinette, then cause his downfall in 1784: tricked him it acquired in a Parisian jewelry Because of a failed fraud involving Queen Marie Antoinette, ended up being a prophet of the French Revolution a valuable diamond necklace which had been prepared for the Countess Du Barry, mistress of Louis XV on behalf of the Queen , without pay, after it allegedly had wrote a number of love letters and that he had even slept with him, letters, of course, were false and when the truth was that Rohan had actually slept with a prostitute. And diamonds vanished.

As Cardinal, Cagliostro and false Countess were locked up in the Bastille , but at nine months, only the Sicilian was acquitted , in theory because Parliament could not prove that fraud was involved in the necklace, but the truth is that parliamentarians were not precisely monarchist. At the end of the Bastille he was greeted with cheers by thousands of people not closely related to the monarchy, which, in any case, the affair of the necklace discredited before the public.

Cagliostro and Serafina they marched to London , where the “martyr of tyranny” sought compensation and wrote manifestos as the Lettre au peuple français , which described the abuse he had suffered at the Bastille, predicted the fall of the monarchy and Parliament encouraged “to convene the general states and working for the Revolution” .

The fall of the trickster, thanks to some less expected


Fortress of San Leo ( Italy), ItaliaInsolita

The revolutionary events of Cagliostro brought him friends conspirators, as the Duke of Orleans and the Prince of Wales, but also, of course, enemies as powerful as the kings of France and England scratched pockets to finance a smear campaign against him , which was too difficult given his history. That’s when Casanova spoke of their misdeeds that Cagliostro was quick to deny. No honor or money, went to Switzerland and then to Rome in May 1789 , where its revolutionary forecasts repeated and when fell the monarchy in France in July of the same year and he regained his importance, Serafina, his wife and companion of raids, denounced him to the Inquisition as a heretic: no honor among thieves The Inquisition took five months stop with Serafina on behalf of Pope Pius VI, in December, when he was preparing his flight to Paris. Both were locked in the Castel Sant’Angelo, but was his wife who had denounced him as a heretic at the instigation of a family; and London had spoken ill of Cagliostro, but then had retracted.

Serafina was acquitted , although he’s penetrated in the convent of Santa Apolonia, in Trastevere, and there he died years later. Cagliostro was sentenced to death and then to life imprisonment for submission to the papal curia, and died in 1795 in the inhospitable fortress of San Leo a stroke .

The same doctor Sierra says that Cagliostro “was a deeply insolent toward unbelievers or who even doubted his power arrogance”, that is, with those who left did not cheat, and his secret ” It was to the great skill with which he exploited the infinite credulity of mankind “. So, you may marvel capabilities of this individual, and he will bust immorality of character with granite face as Cagliostro, do not fit doubt that he has the dubious honor of being the most talkative of all time .


Cagliostro, the most talkative of all time
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September 5, 2015

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