Call of Duty: Modern Warfare punishes the player if he exceeds in the cruelty with a baby

Is one of the most critical periods of the history of the game and the title has a punishment secret for the players is exceeded.

The players Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can unlock a special message from the game if they are particularly cruel at a particular moment in history. And is that the game kills us in an automated way if you shoot the innocent, or allied soldiers, killing them. In a particular case, if it is done repetitively with a particular character, gets a special message to the player. If you want to know at what point in time can be activated, how to do it, and your content, keep reading.

In one of the missions of the game the soldiers in Camden must maintain stealth. It is a moment in which it tries to transmit a large tension to the player, they are forced to be very careful not to make noise and be discovered.

The game punishes especially the cruelty to children

In that context, the players is found with a baby that starts crying. This is dangerous, because it can reveal your position. One of the non playable characters you get to calm the baby and make the street, leaving him back in his crib, something that not even the mother of the little had been accomplished.

Faced with this situation, the player you can take a number of decisions, because he has indicated that the people of that house could be hostile in disguise and that person is a deadly threat in power.

And that is one of the things that can happen is that you shoot the mother. When you do this, is when a soldier of the team manages to calm the baby. But the player is still able to make a decision. If you choose to kill the baby, which obviously is an innocent, we see the screen of “Game Over” with a particular message that reminds us that children are not combatants in the conflict.

The game, however, remember what we’ve done and if you repeat that act of cruel, in the end, the game changed his message, and asks us if we are acting seriously to repeat this action time and time again. The punishment for the player is that instead of taking him to the save point near you, you are returned to the selection screen.

you Can see all of this in the following video:


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare punishes the player if he exceeds in the cruelty with a baby
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October 27, 2019

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