Can I buy a phone now or wait for prices to fall after the IFA in Berlin?


Tomorrow we go to Berlin, where he will begin the annual fair dedicated IFA consumer technology . This year there is a special importance within the fair dedicated to mobile devices, and we expect a few developments in mobile and tablets . Whenever new products arrive ourselves the same question, the price will come down from the previous generation? worth waiting to buy after or I do not care now?

It seems logical that if a manufacturer announces a new device that replaces or updates one of the previous generation, this second lower price . But the question is when, since this is what we want. First, review what new smartphones we expect, and if all goes to plan will Samsung Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia Z1 III , which respectively replace the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Sony Xperia Z, so that these two models are the ones who should be affected by a possible price reduction. Although there will be others affected. For example this morning Acer announces the Liquid S2 , so that the S1 will be in the same situation.

Generally what we must remember is that if a lower smartphone price after the IFA will be because we have presented a model that assumes an update for this . It is these that must be taken into account as regards what we speak today.

fastest market will be affected will be the resale . With new models available for the price that its predecessor had before (or so) we can demand lower prices in second hand easily, and that makes darting runs that market.

rarely is immediate . It goes on sale can be for one, two or even more months later, so no official prices will be lowered until well after . That is, we can not expect the Xperia Z official price drop on the announcement of the Xperia Z1, because this will not be for sale until a few months later.

That is, the most important conclusions is that will drop in price only brand models to update current smartphone, and also will not be something immediate , but it will take a few months until the new one is available in the market. What we have seen lately is that many manufacturers downgrade many models of face to the sale of a new one to settle the stock , so that is something to consider and would advance the reduction price.

The point is that we will not see a drop in prices immediately after the announcement of new models, so if you have a good deal on your sights not a bad idea to go for it . Same thing when the Nexus preguntasteis 4 downgraded to 199 € and if it was a good idea to buy it or wait for the Nexus 5. In that case it was clear, at that price, however good may be the next Nexus 5, was a good buy.

Remember to wait in the world of technology can be a dangerous sport and end that can go wrong unemployed.

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Can I buy a phone now or wait for prices to fall after the IFA in Berlin?
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September 2, 2013

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