Can you keep employees happy following the example of CEO of LinkedIn?

the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, distributes its allocation annual actions to keep employees happy after his crash in the stock market.

the world of technology entrepreneurs is drawn as one of the strangest of all types of executives who have been through any of the existing exchanges. The benefits are important, but not both. The results of the company are important, but not both. What is important, and much is your team of employees ; without them they are lost. And given the wide range of large technology there now, ready to buy loyal to hit book, keep happy your employees comes first.

With the introduction of 2015 results, LinkedIn fell 43% in bag This must have thought Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, which has just announced, according to re/code, yielding 14 million in shares to its employees, thereby forgoing their annual compensation package. Those who have not given were the other top company executives, who have taken part of their portion of shares according to the documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission; there are things that despite moving in the field of technology (and startups, ultimately) do not change and it seems that no one is involved in a company as its CEO. Stampede as they say. Although it must be said that Weiner will not go hungry from here to the next distribution of shares : has company shares worth 12.7 million plus the value of the roles conferred, plus other investments, plus its heritage, more … Come on, that sacrifice has not been a manual, but will be happy time for your team.

The problem for Weiner and his team managers, passing the poor prospects for the future; to like Twitter, the social network labor market has its own Via Crucis users . Although it has not declined in recent balances itself are slowing their growth, and coupled with drought of new products by the creative team has created the field ideal culture for the situation they were presented with the publication of the results of the last quarter of 2015.

Value of shares of LinkedIn

in just minutes, LinkedIn was left 43% of the value of their shares. Or what is the same: 14.000 billion that were down the drain and they have no intention of returning for the moment, that joining the recurrent falls Facebook and Twitter have painted a scene panic for technology investors on Wall Street.

sorry Weiner, has not been the first

the trend of leading technology delivering actions to keep your employees more feet within corporate offices that were already coming from afar.

through a tweet, how could it be otherwise, the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey announced in October 2015 that would share one third of its shares among employees . Almost 214 million dollars to have their engineers happy. The CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing, did the same in 2013 with 3.25 million.

Can you keep employees happy following the example of CEO of LinkedIn?
Can you keep employees happy following the example of CEO of LinkedIn?
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