Canceled ‘Lucifer’ and the hell breaks out: “heartbreaking is to say very little”

Lucifer Fox

With the series coming to an end of the season and the arrival of the upfronts next week is the time for the chains to advertise, above all, the painful cancellations they had in the manga. And one of the most hurt is ‘Lucifer‘ whose third season will be the last.

So what has been announced by FOX and confirmed Joe Henderson, his showrunner, who has not hesitated to ask the fans that make noise to see if there is any chance of salvation for the series (as has happened with ‘Brooklyn 99’).

Furthermore, the writer announces that they prepared a great cliffhanger for the season, but now that they know that ‘Lucifer’ will not have season 4 I hate to leave in the fans.

A tactic that is more common than it appears on television, but that doesn’t always go well. ‘The last man on Earth’, also on FOX, is a similar case. And the string has been cancelled in addition to ‘The exorcist’, its another drama supernatural.

Henderson ensures that the end of ‘Lucifer’ is the best thing that he has written for television. Of course, this can be considered a consolation of fools. The case is a foolish FOX has uploaded a few series with a large base of viewers… so that next season is a big uncertainty.

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Canceled ‘Lucifer’ and the hell breaks out: “heartbreaking is to say very little”
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May 13, 2018

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