Cardboard, Google’s surprise is a virtual reality goggles


At the end of the conference, Google has given to attendees of the I / O 2014, an kind of flat cardboard box surrounded by a good dose of mystery. resulted from some time a few engineers in proposing the challenge of what they could do with that piece of cardboard

Aside from the impressions we read of the attendees the hashtag # cardboard on Twitter , we can see on page Google Developers of what is actually that cardboard is folded until all virtual reality glasses with our Smartphone


It’s simple: you fold where necessary and fit in your smartphone into the corresponding site, and you have your own Oculus Rift working thanks to your Android and a few pieces of cardboard, plus lenses and others.

And to use them only we have to download the Android application or attend the workshop of virtual reality for Android, held morning and give the keys to the developers can get to work on it asap.


most interesting thing is that this application longer available for download from Google Play but have not yet shown much information about it.

Aplicación at Google Play

More information | Google Developers

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Cardboard, Google’s surprise is a virtual reality goggles
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June 25, 2014

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