Casio has introduced its first Android Wear with G-Shock design and yes it is spectacular

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Huawei , Motorola and Tag Heuer in 2015 showed us that it is possible to make a very elegant Android SmartWatch Wear. In fact, the models of these companies are considered to be the cutting edge of their category. Is there room for more models? Of course especially when entering a company as experienced by watches as Casio . Now is the day: a great watchmaker decides to bet on Android Wear

A priori we could think that a debut Casio would not be good.. Watches but they do not know well this type of technology. Big mistake, your WSD-F10 (so called this first Android Wear) is spectacular because it combines the best of both worlds to bring a promising clock with an attractive design but with the same problem of platform the other models who bet on the operating system of Google


The new Casio watch is clearly inspired by the G-Shock models. If you know the models of Japanese brand insurance that recognize the time: large bodies, rough finishes and ready for any outdoor adventure. The weight of the sphere is 93 grams and at first glance seems a very comfortable model to wear on the wrist.

On the technical side features a 1.3 inch screen a resolution of 320 x 300 pixels. Casio repeated flat tire design Moto 360. That is, is not quite round. In this case the part that is not display this vertical strip on the right side of the screen. Battery do not have many details but all indications are that autonomy will be similar to that of other models with Android Wear.

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The type G-Shock design is not merely aesthetic: the housing is resistant to falls and we can immerse in water up to 50 meters. According to Casio, this model passes the same military certifications that other watches in this range so the experience in this regard should not be very different.

Aware that is Android Wear comfort and that makes all the watches are very similar to each other, Casio announced the introduction of various applications such as RunKeeper, ViewRanger GPS and other tools created by the company, using the sensors of the clock, to quantify outdoor activity. If you really met, we would be facing the most complete model to date.

Price and availability of the Casio WSD-F10

The Japanese manufacturer has confirmed that this Android Wear will go on sale next April. Yet we know at what price will reach Spain. In the United States will cost $ 500 so it is possible that the figure for other countries is very similar

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Casio has introduced its first Android Wear with G-Shock design and yes it is spectacular
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January 6, 2016

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