CES 2020: Artificial Intelligence is the future of innovation

Although it may seem a lie, it has been more than 50 years since it was held the first edition of the ‘Consumer Electronic Show’, more commonly known by its acronym, ‘CES’. This fair of consumer technology has positioned itself as the most important annual event of the sector, which since 1967 has been a reference point in the place of presentation of the devices more pointers.The meeting, which takes place at the beginning of January, works by way of ‘prelude’ of everything that is going to be a trend during the year. Organized by CTA -association of technology companies of the U.S., the fair has hosted this 2020 4,400 exhibitors, including startups and giants of the world of electronics and technology, and has offered more than 300 conference and discussion tables.More than 170,000 people in hundreds of different countries have attended the technology event of the year in Las Vegas, which have been presented for the first time a few 20.000 products. These are some of the innovations most interesting that has left us CES 2020.Alexa has marked a before and an after in which technology in the home is concerned. Given the resounding success of the virtual assistant Amazon -or Google Assistant-, manufacturers from all over the world have wanted to jump on the bandwagon of the ‘smart home’ and until our fridge is-almost – more list us.Do you sing in the shower? Thanks Kohler, a manufacturer of luxury goods for the home, now you never will alone: his latest innovation is a shower head with built-in speakerphone with support for Alexa. Thus, in addition to ride it for a karaoke, now you’ll also be able to know the weather or listen to the news. You just have to order it and ‘Moxie Showerhead’ what makes you.And if immediacy is not we, had conquered all, reaches And-Brush, a toothbrush that claims to be able to brush in just 10 seconds. You just have to put paste on the device and then place it in your mouth 5 seconds in the upper teeth and 5 seconds in the lower, leaving the bristles of nylon to do the job. Clean and ready for the next use. The device costs us $ 125 -112 euros-and can be purchased on its website.One of the situations that are most uncomfortable that you can spend is running out of toilet paper when you are sitting in the bowl of the toilet. Tired of yelling at your partner from the bathroom, so that you bring a roll? Quiet: here is Charmin Rollbot to help you. This robot has a base at its upper part to place the paper, that will bring you closer in an emergency situation thanks to the Bluetooth. Yes, when you take remember to make it up for the next time.We continue with the line of the robots: the manufacturer of the famous Roomba you want to make your life even easier with a robot with arms to wash dishes and pick up clothes. Although iRobot had as a goal in the CES present to Terra, your autonomous robot to cut grass, he took the fair to talk of a robot that is working that would help in the household chores.But if what you want is to have a kitchen smart, then you can not miss these technologies: from the pan Smartypans that measures the weight and the temperature of the ingredients until PantryOn, which proposes that automate the shopping list via shelves smart, which monitor the storage of the favorite foods of a family.The televisions tend to be the most attractive characteristic of the CES. With models becoming more futuristic, the manufacturers have managed to already launch things until recently unimaginable. Thanks to the OLED technology, tvs are becoming thinner and occupy increasingly less -remember the tv retractable submitted LG in last year’s edition-.This 2020 what has marked the trend are the devices with 8K and displays ‘infinity’ -that is to say, without just frames, such as the Q950 of Samsung whose front is 99% screen-, in addition to other innovations such as ‘The Sero’, the tv vertical Samsung.And as if the differences between LED, OLED, QLED and microLED were not sufficiently overwhelming, and we had enough undecided to choosing a tv for our house, now includes a new technology: Mini-LED, which promises more accuracy, contrast and energy efficiency.Nine of the leading car manufacturers in the world-including Audi, BMW, Daimler (Mercedes), FCA, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota– and more than 150 exhibitors of vehicle technology presented the latest in connected car, autonomous vehicles and ‘concept cars’.Products included concept car Mercedes Vision AVTR, Sony Vision S, a prototype full of sensors, and the autonomous vehicle from Audi AI: I. Aim to facilitate the conduct autonomous and improve safety both inside the vehicles and outside of them who is near the car.And become the eye-catching ‘taxis flying’: Hyundai and Uber have presented a prototype of taxi flying with which we expect to revolutionize the public transportation by air.Another type of mobility has also caused the rage at CES: Segway showed a new personal vehicle autonomous -by now conceptual – named S-Pod, one capsule that claim that you can replace the skateboards in the future.Technology manufacturers are betting more and more develop the devices that improve our health or make to know the state of our rhythms -heart, sleep, activity…-. According to a study from GSMA Intelligence, one out of every four adults already has one of them and it is expected that the trend will continue.The category of health and wellness at CES 2020 has experienced a significant increase in -almost 25% – with more than 135 exhibiting companies. We have presented dozens of devices, such as ‘pajamas smart’, focused, to sleep better, longer and in a more profound way. Also, many appliances trackers of physical activity.Other ‘wearables’ to be interesting for the health have been the glasses Norm, Human Capable, they take the witness of Googles Glasses and are able to make calls, display addresses and recipes and videos and play videos; or Atmos, the mask of Ao Air which uses a fan system to filter the air that we breathe.Motherhood has also had its place at CES 2020: the breastpump Willow Beast Pump 3 is a device that can be set according to the sensitivity level of the users, it works without the need of holding it with your hands and get a 20% more milk than its previous versions.Both have imported the well-being in this edition the organization has even permitted to for the first time to expose official way of sexual devices.
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CES 2020: Artificial Intelligence is the future of innovation
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January 14, 2020

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