Changing your iPhone without losing data Apple Watch

Changing your iPhone without losing data Watch Apple

Until Apple decides to make it simpler this is the only way not to lose everything we have on the clock when switching from iPhone.

We, certainly, before the dates in which more iPhones sold and consequently in which more people upgrade from one to another. So far the process was quite simple, or set up as new or restored backup from iCloud or iTunes, but after the arrival of Apple Watch things got complicated. If you do not mind losing anything the process remains as simple as before (set everything like new), but if you want everything to remain as it was the thing is a bit complicated and you have to follow a few steps:

  1. Detach our Apple Watch and make a backup . We have to go to Clock> go to the settings tab> click on Apple Watch> press unlink Apple Watch. When detaching the iPhone Watch a backup of all data will be created in our phone, but until we get the data the clock will not be empty and time. It is important that we do not separate watch Watch Mobile until the restart is completed.
  2. Make a backup of your iPhone in iTunes or iCloud . Once we have the backup of the clock on the phone we have to do a backup of the data mobile. You can use iTunes or iCloud, I personally am left with the first since it is much faster when restoring. That if not forget not to encrypt the backup or passwords, health data and backup Apple Watch will not be saved . You also have to copy applications Acordaros iTunes or restoration to be done by halves.
  3. Set the new iPhone recovering the backup of the old mobile . When our new iPhone have to restore the backup of the old terminal. If we do from iTunes directly connect the cable to the computer terminal and follow the steps that indicates the program. If we choose iCloud have to connect to the network and follow the steps in the setup wizard until we recover the option to backup appears.
  4. Join the Watch with the new Apple iPhone recovering configure backup . Once we have finished restoring our iPhone have to re-enter the clock application and start the pairing process. As the Apple iPhone detect Watch us ask if we want to restore the backup. We chose that option and waited while the process is complete. It is important not to alienate the iPhone Apple Watch and have the latter connected to the charger

A partial solution

 Apple Watch-28
We must bear in mind that while not move the backup of our current iPhone will not be able to use the new Apple Watch, at least not with our data, so if we’re going to spend a few days without moving until the new we can not use the watch normally.

Undoubtedly This is not the most comfortable and intuitive way to do it, but if It is the only one we have until Apple decides to offer an alternative better . It’s clear that Apple Watch depends 100% iPhone (something Apple considered an accessory), however I can not understand how the only way to make a copy is unlinking the clock (and thus erasing) and above that copy is not saved to iCloud directly. It is things like this that the Watch is still in its infancy, so hopefully for watchOS 3 go solving these shortcomings.


Changing your iPhone without losing data Apple Watch
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September 29, 2015

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