Check your statistics in game on PS4 during 2019 thanks to the new website of Sony

Sony has released a new website that allows us to view a lot of data, and trivia about the that have been our habits of play during the past year.

Sony has published a website with which we can check all the game statistics that we have recorded on PlayStation 4 during 2019, allowing us to know the number of different games that we played, the titles to which most time we’ve spent, or the total number of hours played throughout the year.

The statistics of the game in the PS4 during 2019

What is certain is that the statistics are really full and we find in them all sorts of curiosities, such as the genres that we have played, the days and hours in which we usually play, the total number of trophies you have unlocked, the time that we have played over the internet and even the hours that have been devoted to games of PS VR.

in Addition, according to the results we obtain will give us a title or another, and depending on it we will receive a dynamic theme and some avatars for our PlayStation 4. The only requirements to be able to see our statistics is to have a PSN account registered, be 18 years or older and have played to the Sony console for at least 10 hours between January 1 and December 10, 2019. Of course, you also have to have the console configured to share “additional data”.

If you carry out all of this I simply simply enter in the following link, connect with your PSN account and view the data. Also you can copy and paste the address of the page of your statistics to share with your friends in the event that you would wish to do so.

view your game statistics on PS4 during 2019, thanks to the new Sony web

Check your statistics in game on PS4 during 2019 thanks to the new website of Sony
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January 14, 2020

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