‘Chicken Run: Evasion on the farm 2’ in motion: Aardman is still committed to the sequels

Chicken Run

Aardman has already premiered seven films to date, with the particularity that each one of them functioned worse at the box office than the previous one. And is that ‘Chicken Run: Evasion on the farm’ remains the film that has best worked for Aardman with a revenue that reached us $ 224 million. Sure that the study has taken this factor into account when deciding to put up a sequel 18 years after the premiere of the first.

‘Chicken Run: Evasion on the farm 2’ fits into what seems to be a policy on the part of Aardman enhance the continuations of some of their most popular titles. In 2019 it will hit cinemas the sequel to ‘Shaun The sheep: The movie’ (‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’) and it is expected that the company focus on which we now occupy in terms of completion of the work of animation of ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmageddon’.

By now it is unknown what will be the story of ‘Chicken Run: Escape the farm 2’, but a priori it is hard to imagine on some pretext that makes sense to recover to the protagonists of the first delivery, if that is what they propose. There will be that trust in the ingenuity of Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’farrell, writers of the original tape that are also responsible of writing which we now occupy.

Those who do not repeat are Nick Park and Peter Lord in the address, as that function will be assumed to be Sam Fell, who has already performed for the study ‘Ratónpolis’ (‘Flushed Away’), although in this occasion he shared the responsibility with David Bowers. Since then he has participated in titles such as ‘El valiente Despereaux’ (‘The Tale of Despereaux’) and ‘The amazing world of Norman’ (‘ParaNorman’)

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‘Chicken Run: Evasion on the farm 2’ in motion: Aardman is still committed to the sequels
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April 27, 2018

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