China begins the development of the 6G and Europe, what does Europe?

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced the establishment of a team of work-focused research and develop networks of sixth generation (6G) just a few days after the commercial launch of the 5G in the country, according to reports of local media.The research of the technology 6G is still in the initial phase of exploration, which have not yet been clearly defined key indicators and their application scenarios. The chinese government already created a group of 37 experts from universities, research institutes and technology companies to promote the development of this technology and to advise on the decisions that the authorities will take.Despite still being in its initial phase, this milestone officially marks the kick off of the research and development (R & D) of 6G in China, although in September the founder of the telecom giant Huawei -a company with more patents related to the 5G at the global level-, Ren Zhengfei, had revealed that his company was already investigating the 6G.As reported by the chinese media in November of last year, the date for the formal start of the R & D of the 6G was 2020, and the year of trade marking is 2030, although in this last communiqué from the Ministry no longer refers to any objectives in terms of time.The 6G would broaden the coverage to altitudes even greater and would provide data transmission speeds of up to 1 terabyte per second, that is to say, a speed ten times faster than that achieved with the 5G. The past November 1, the telephone operators of the asian giant began to offer internet packages with mobile networks 5G.The race for 5G has been another field of battle between the interests of China and the US. In fact, the Government of Donald Trump and some allies of the Old Continent to warn of the risk of riding the networks 5G with european technology china. What to do then?”If the EU does not act now, our technological future will be decided in Washington and in Beijing“. They are the words of Michel Barnier, the negotiator of the European Commission for the Brexit, during the Web Summit that was held this week in Lisbon.According to a report published recently by the European Commission and the European Agency for Cyber Security, the deployment of the networks 5G will mean a greater exposure to the attacks and an increase of the entry points, which will put at risk the cyber security in the various countries of the European Union.The document highlights that the increasing use of software for networks 5G, and the lack of skills within the telecoms cause dependence on certain suppliers. This can lead, in many cases, the dependency on a single supplier, which will entail a major risk, especially, when you are not in the European Union.Between the lines we read the word Huawei. that Is to say, the report is a warning to the dependence on chinese suppliers, as Huawei, a firm whose technology has made a bet Europe. This, say the authors of the document, could “lead to interruptions of telecommunications services to large-scale” and leave it exposed critical infrastructure, which could open the doors to new attacks, not only to citizens but also to organizations and government entities.
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China begins the development of the 6G and Europe, what does Europe?
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November 7, 2019

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