China unveils first COMAC C919, competitor of Airbus 320 and Boeing 737

This is the COMAC C919, the plane pretending to be kings competitor aviation halfway, the A320 and B737, and has been presented today with pomp and pageantry by the Chinese government.

After numerous delays and a long period still ahead for the market commercially, the COMAC C919 today has seen the light. The Chinese government has spared no one iota in which claims to be the direct competitor of the giant Airbus and Boeing. And their seats over 160 and more than 5000 kilometers of flight range , the COMAC C919 could well be the third key player in the world of aviation. Yes, it seems that there are still some years to fly in this Chinese giant.

The alternative to the giants

As already expressed on many occasions responsible for COMAC, the existence of C919 reflects the intention of breaking the reign commercial jealously guarding Airbus and Boeing. Its huge and common Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 are the benchmark for this competition, which aims to address COMAC C919 from 2019. The plane has been built on the initiative of the Chinese government , by government and the company COMAC C919 country would jeopardize medium-range aircraft whose economic implications would be very beneficial for the country.

Presentation of the COMAC C919 in China. Source: AP Photo

And the COMAC C919 is that there are already 512 orders, not only from various Chinese aeronautical lines, but also some foreign. The COMAC C919 is the largest commercial airliner designed by the company (and China) failed since the Shanghai Y-10, the model was obsolete when the first prototype was built. But while the COMAC C919 is taking his own reach, recently unveiled the prototype promises the best for this aircraft and the Chinese government. However, between now and see the light commercial use, the COMAC C919 could be disadvantaged.


And the Chinese government is taking its time . Although the COMAC C919 promises the best of the best to compete with the A320 and B737, the fact is that the initial dates that wanted to see him fly in 2014 , until now that is shuffled (with the incorporation in 2019 to a commercial line) no importance. According to sources, both Airbus and Boeing fleet incorporated into devices with fully remanufactured engines in 2017. That would leave the COMAC C919 obsolete before The release was scheduled for 2014, lagging by issues técnicass Alida market, repeating the same story of the Y-10. But China does not give up its efforts and now goes ahead with the project.

His strategy might be, would focus on providing sophisticated and quality product, perhaps obsolete compared to its competitors but a price significantly lower construction. However, this is speculation because the government itself lets out information sparingly. For now all we know is that the technicians have the COMAC C919 unveiled on more than one occasion that the pace of building not allow the plane to appear before 2019 , with the first test flights, at best, in 2017. It is also known that this slowness is due, as explained, to a thorough process of construction and revision of the policy of offering higher quality at lower prices.

Presentation COMAC C919 in China. Source: AP Photo

Of course, as all construction in the aeronautical field, the COMAC C919 is built from components sourced worldwide. So sophisticated vehicles are not the result of a single company or a single country. Although we must admit that in the COMAC C919 highlights the manufacturing of domestic origin, which is extraordinarily high compared to other similar aircraft, which is not surprising at all. With the COMAC C919, China set foot in the segment of medium-haul aircraft, which is more than half the commercial aircraft flying purposes. It is therefore not surprising, either, that China walks gingerly and patience to find their own niche among the kings of Airbus and Boeing.


China unveils first COMAC C919, competitor of Airbus 320 and Boeing 737
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