Chroma Squad combines turn-based strategy and Power Rangers in the same game


If you like games RPG, you probably may know Knights of Pen and Paper for Android. A clever mix of elements of role-playing games of all life with references that broke the fourth wall of the fantasy world. Its creators, Behold Studios , are ready for something new that soon it can play in our phones and tablets.

The Power Rangers marked a whole generation with its scenes crappy action and a self-produced film series B. Taking this as a reference, comes Chroma Squad , a game that will allow us to manage our own recording studio superhero with the aim of winning fans and making the best possible output, or less sloppy as display. He has not yet come to Android, but we played the PC version to come forward to what will


Chroma Squad, between superheroes and tactical RPG

The game will put us at the head of a movie studio where you will manage a group of five superheroes combining Two very different ways to play . On the one hand we have the fighting itself: RPG tactical shift where we have to move around the stage to destroy the enemies that appear to us by the enemy. With every fight (which actually is an episode of the series) we can be getting more money and items to upgrade weapons and accessories that we use in order to have better statistics.

On the other hand we have a manager where we to use the money to generate more audience, invest in advertising to get fans and money … The combination of both works very well although we will throw more time fighting a lot of parodies and references to casposas and crappy series nineties. Ye who lived all this, you are going to enjoy very much.

Each combat, as mentioned, is recording an episode and each will have a series of objectives that we must meet if we are to the best possible score : execute a special attack to kill the boss, eliminate bad assistants before going after him … The difficulty will increase as the game progresses but the difficulty curve it is very smooth and quick to learn make combinations, know the strengths of our characters, etc.

The game is highly customizable and can change both the names of the heroes choose which players will use each with a number of different attributes. The approach is very good and also aesthetically, it does so with a few simple 2D graphics that run the world of good in a game of this type. Simple and controls that when given the jump to Android certainly have no trouble adapting because everything is based on making clicks.

The humor and the approach’s Hook makes us fast and if all content remains as it the PC version, will be one of the best RPGs you have Android . If you can not wait, is available since yesterday for this summer and computers (probably in June) arrives version for Android. It will be a paid game but will not include micropayments for more money and special items

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Chroma Squad combines turn-based strategy and Power Rangers in the same game
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May 2, 2015

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