Chrome for Android opens the Custom Tabs v2

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Chrome Android wends its way to prevent windows and applications in combination drawer or switcher application switching, but what next? The new beta version for developers allows us to see what different models of opening combination with tabs and apps Android handled.

Instead of following one set path or the complete freedom to choose, there are several default options that combine various configuration options. In a new menu, you can try downloading the Chrome Dev v52 APK appear for the moment five alternatives from which to choose . Let’s look at the possibilities

You access them through chrome. <- - More>: // flags / # tab-management-experiment-type in the address bar. To make it more palatable, all are identified with the name of a traditional plant very own kitchen, from Google. They are anise, basil, chives, dill and elderberry.

  • Anise: open webs by Chrome Custom Tabs (CCT) and the windows are arranged in the normal way switcher
  • Basil. Visualizations from a web app open like Custom Tabs, but the windows are thrown marked with an X next to the navigation bar that allows you to return back to the application that opened.
Cct Basil
  • Chive: All displays are opened following the model marked with an X
  • Dill. All web visualizations are opened by Custom Tabs
  • .

  • elderberry: All web visualizations are opened by Chrome Custom Tabs v2
cdev Berry

the difference between the two versions of the Custom Tabs is that the new open in separately in the application switcher, without being all the time hanging from Google Chrome as current.

For now just about experiments and therefore its result is not even optimized. They are designed to test most likely choose which is the best format to present the content when you get Android N with its multiventana.

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Chrome for Android opens the Custom Tabs v2
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April 29, 2016

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