Chronos Data Collector, an app to illustrate your life


We do many things throughout the day, not all are important, and not all of it seems relevant. But what if we could keep track of each and view statistics of our day to day?

This is precisely the premise of Chronos , an application that has now reached the Play Store and allows us to quantify our visits to places , distance traveled, time spent driving and the time we spent with our friends who also own the application or we have on Facebook (or Google+), all accompanied by interesting and useful statistics we can see on the website you will find below.

How does the application? It is infinitely easier. The downloads, open it, you connect with your Facebook account or Google and ready. Application will handle saving data in the background , and before long, you will see the statistics of your personal adventures.

 Pics Chronos In order to view your stats, you can enter this link and click on the Play Store icon Sign In. Then, you sign up with Google account or Facebook you’ve put in the application and get access to all the statistics that have been stored in the application.

A application, even without being required if that gives us an extra touch our chores . Even data may data we obtain from our habits surprise us. Are you the going down? Yes, sure we can expect a significant increase in spending on the battery, but it’s all about taste and see how it behaves in our particular case.

Application on Google Play

Website: Chronos

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Chronos Data Collector, an app to illustrate your life
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September 7, 2013

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