Clarity Answers, questions and answers platform businessmen and experts

We know that the Internet is the meeting point to find the answers we need to resolve the doubts we have, but in more specific areas, we also have tools that help us in the same direction. If we are entrepreneurs and business professionals, we can set our questions through the new platform Answers of Clarity, which may be answered in the near future time by experts that the platform is at our disposal.

Clarity is available from May 2012, which was finally launched in the month of December, taking aim to help more than 10 million people in 2022. Currently has 20,000 experts and have already completed some 30,000 calls. , in limited beta, users have performed more than 200 questions, most of which have been answered in 15 minutes, having since then a conversion rate of 5 percent of the responses to the calls.

In this regard, after 16 months where Clarity has focused on calls, now addresses the fact that many users do not want to do them, so just find answers to your questions, with the launch of Answers, admitting that unlike Quora, if you have business model based on phone calls to experts. Note that Answers service is free, but users who want to get more information from the experts by phone, will the way of income.

Other Answers differences about Quora is that users have the ability to highlight the most popular questions or relevant, nor are there ways to avoid asking questions already made by other users. The only means of restraint comes through the experts themselves, which are only those invited by Clarity to provide your answers.

Answers is available both on the web and on the iPad app.

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Clarity Answers, questions and answers platform businessmen and experts
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