CloudReady allows you to transform your old laptop on a Chromebook

CloudReady allows you to transform your old laptop on a Chromebook

CloudReady is a version of open source Google Chromium OS maintained by NeverWare and transforms old computers running Windows on Chromebooks. The company takes the code and is responsible for performing all the tasks of testing, maintenance and updating of codecs and drivers, as does Google with the Chromebook line.

The operating system is intended for schools that do not can perhaps afford to buy new machines but want to experiment suite full of Google, although individuals things are easier now.

NeverWare anunció a new version of its operating system for consumers who want to test their software without the need to waste your Windows installation. Version 45.3 of CloudReady can be installed on any system that has a Windows installation by UEFI and 32GB of free space on your hard drive mode. installation instructions are simple.

Although CouldReady is almost identical version for Chrome OS, there are several aspects of proprietary code and licenses are part of Chrome OS but not Chromium. The more severe the absence codec key as H.264, MP4, MP3 or support Netflix and derivatives. Nor Chromium run Android applications and integration between services and operating system is not as deep as in Chrome OS. But in this way can be completely independent and use it to their advantage by focusing on stability and integration of third party services like Dropbox.

CloudReady is updated less frequently because who want to focus 100% in schools , stability and all codecs and equipment work perfectly. Google has closed code and sets a list of products, NeverWare not.

The Chromebooks offer numerous benefits from its nonvolatile flash memory to the constant updates of Google, but there are many schools with computers older than such time, want to try before how everything would work hand in hand with Google.

the standard version is free, but is not offered obviously support. For those schools plan offers $ 25 per year or lifetime coverage by $ 59 for each device.


CloudReady allows you to transform your old laptop on a Chromebook
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February 22, 2016

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