‘Club of Crows’, the first (and great) series in Spanish Netflix

We have seen the series’ Club of Crows’ recently premiered at the service of streaming Netflix . This review contains spoilers.

Netflix has released its first original series in Spanish, the result is a comedy ironic amazing, it makes me laugh and has a complicated series of thematic round. Before going on I must say that ‘ Club of Crows ‘ is not a football series and while using this issue as a backdrop, the problems are much deeper than the character development on the field or in the locker room.

season ‘Club of Crows’ was released last August 7 and has 13 chapters

It is also fair to say that for those who do not like football, or beyond (like me) hate it, ‘Club of Crows’ remains an option, and a pleasant surprise in the market opens after its premiere, the series produced in Spanish in Mexico and strong service in the streaming Netflix. If something is constant in the course of its 13 chapters of the first season, is quality in the representation of human passions , that pride, that they give shame; those that are close to anyone: pride, greed, power, reactions to family expectations

So, the argument goes from the death of the patriarch and owner of a team. Mexican first division soccer. Both the team, as the place where it is located: New Toledo, are fictional, but in turn can be anywhere from northern Mexico ( whose name I do not remember ) and any team with these characteristics; of those in their ranks they are composed both front star (talk of show) as foreigners in South America mexicanized , new prospects from humble roots, coaches corrupt and many more characters, either thought, we could say that truth is stranger than fiction.


So you could define ‘Club of Crows’ if only I had a word, is that with each chapter level irony goes up every so often, the criticism becomes harsher, more direct, more complex. Ah, yes, because in ‘Club Curvos’ nobody is kept safe, no good or bad; nor is it a story classical the small team leveler or coach who makes champions to a mediocre team. No. The stories are not simple; perhaps other clichés, but with much plot and treated very intelligently .

At the very beginning, and before, when he came out the first trailer for the series, I thought it would be before a story that is sold in large simply by using dotted nonsense Mexican sentences, (and this “bold” or “risky” as read out there in a synopsis of the series) ; I thought more of the same with children well swearing, dealing with football and a power struggle for an inheritance, (calm that comes in the trailer); also one of the protagonists playing again a classic Mirrey . Things do not look good.

But everything changed once were moving chapters. Luis Gerardo Mendez is the protagonist of the speaker above, his character, Chava Churches, is the successor to the chair of the president of the team, more for being the man between the two possible siblings from experience or potential. Thus, its counterpart soon revealed (also in the trailer): his sister Isabel, played ** ** Mariana Treviño. The interesting thing is that the struggle between brothers exceeds the easy way of machismo and misogyny, passing chapters the problem is complicated, entangled, takes you as a spectator to empathize with one another for more abhorrent that are both. Abhorrent for human, no more; creators and writers saw fit to leave out the Manichaean, and this is what makes ‘Club of Crows’ Very interesting.

Mafia everywhere

Now the rest of the initial conflict is something. ‘Club of Crows’ touches thorny issues in soccer , internal mafias, the real-life characters known to everyone but not named, those who pull the strings unseen yet view of all; those sold players as another expression of modern slavery , abuse of power and rotten black at all levels of professional football. He also talks about the media and corruption in the management of information; the government and the Catholic Church officially stuck in issues not theirs. Criticism of people with varus , those, wannabe from the capital with clubs, nightclubs and aesthetic in the same direction.

As I said above lines Nothing escapes and makes a fun wrap, with black and ironic humor, but there are also simple gags, boobies and so hilarious. Many more topics are outside the trailer and do not discuss here; but there is more.

Pros rather

As mentioned how interesting and entertaining that I found ‘Club of Crows’ pleasantly surprised despite my little expectation and void condition to the football issues. And while the pros could mention: the performances and the excellent casting, the stories, the characters, the aesthetics, the humor, the initial curtain, music, arguments, development and it seems that everyone speaks: el naked front of Joaquín Ferreira ; in cons could highlight the following: scenes look at the stadiums edited, superimposed, rendered ; general scenes involving crowds. Themes and scenes are also taken to the extreme, leaving the plot believable; some actions, especially irrelevant or extra characters that look nervous and stuffy; as well as some facts on the grounds that are not logical. Still yet, we highly recommend ‘Club of Crows’, although I do not know if all the Spanish-speaking market for the many local references, this may not be a given series always consume impediment that have nothing to do with our social environment. So: welcome the series in Spanish Netflix


‘Club of Crows’, the first (and great) series in Spanish Netflix
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August 14, 2015