Coda for iOS Analysis: work on your web wherever you are

Almost three years after its launch Diet Coda (from now Coda for iOS) gets a major upgrade to date, completely renovated its design and added new features like an iPhone version, a file manager improved and Playgrounds supporting new programming languages ​​and protocols conexión.Algunos media have spent months asking arrival of an iPad “Pro”, an iPad with more screen, more RAM, more processor, a stylus, a keyboard as the Surface and why four some USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. Well, we can not forget a VGA. An iPad “with which to work” in short. It seems incredible that have passed five years since the launch of the iPad and still continue thinking that the only way to use a tablet to work is turning on a laptop. I will not deny that a larger screen can be useful, or RAM is always welcome, but they lack all these computer accessories in installments if the software does not allow us to do what we need. Today the software you need an iPad to be Pro is divided into two parts: operating system and apps

Almost three years after its launch Diet Coda (from now Coda for iOS) gets a major upgrade to date, completely ren...

The case has first been covered by IOS 9, when you arrive in autumn will bring improvements as a Multitasking finally allows multiple windows, a keyboard-controlled cursor like Ulysses iPad and bar Extra functions, greater connection between my thanks to the “deeplinks” and a search system that can finally “see” into third-party apps. With all iPad iOS improvements will be closer to OS X than ever. And best of all is that even though many of these features are typical of desktop computers have integrated the philosophy Post-PC, though it’s best to talk when we publish our analysis of IOS 9 in fall.

But again, to no avail all these improvements (and all hardware upgrades) if not we have the right piece to complete the puzzle: An app that is the icing on the cake. And it is that if we continue to exactly what Jobs, the iPad is a blank canvas that becomes what he wants to do the app being used at that time (an idea that is rapidly absorbed through the design said skeumorfista of the pre-iOS 7). Hence, if we use apps like Fantastical, OmniFocus or Evernote our iPad becomes the PDA always promised. But if we are writers maybe we should use Editorial MindNode or Drafts. And if we carry the app to create web pages that can not miss on our iPhone if we work at it’s Coda for iOS (formerly known as Diet Coda).

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Developed by Panic (my parents as Transmit for iOS or Prompt), Coda for iOS is the mobile version of the final software to program websites in OS X. A complete solution that includes everything needed to create a website from zero:. one of the best text editors that I tested, a preview system “pixel-perfect”, an FTP client class and an SSH client

While it is true that the small amount of developments and improvements since its launch (three major upgrades and eight solving bugs) in May 2012 led to believe that Panic had completely abandoned the iOS version of Coda now return to the fray with an update that renews up and down the app. With new features like an iPhone version, a new design, cloud sync (with Panic Sync), improved editor, preview system and file manager along with a dozen small details you could say that we have a whole new app. An app that is increasingly less to envy of Mac version and therefore no longer has reason to be called “Diet”. ## Design Coda for iOS Analysis: work on your web wherever you are As Not surprisingly one of the great innovations of this version is design. It seems that in the end the award last app of iOS 6 to adapt to the new visual language will be for Tapbots with Tweetbot for iPad, although Panic Coda for iOS has not put anything easy. Joking aside, and although comes quite late (probably to focus its resources on Transmit iOS and Prompt 2), the work they have done redesigning Panic Coda shows that know how to create interfaces for professionals like no apps.

When Apple took the step to iOS 7 many thought we would end up with change losing the personality that each developer put in their apps, as the robotic touch Tapbots for example, but time has shown us that were very wrong. Some will cost them more than others, but almost two years after the change many developers already have their own style within the apparent simplicity of iOS 8. Panic dominated by dark tones in the background with clear fonts and icons Multicolored.

The dark tones give an even more professional app In this sense air Coda for iOS is no exception and follows the same path that we had already Transmit seen for iOS and Prompt 2. And honestly, I’m glad that it is. The dark tones give an even more professional touch to an app that already if productivity drives on all four sides. Not to mention that it is much more comfortable for the eyes (especially in low light). I personally still prefer the finishing touch Transmit with the blue (similar to the dark theme of Twitterrific) pure black that appears on some menus.

Fortunately, prefer the color scheme you prefer Coda for iOS offers a wide range of topics to the editor. In this way we have a wide range of options where choose to customize the most essential part of the app to your liking. With 6 issues, the possibility of using the keyboard dark or light, 4 sources to choose from and a total control on the font size and line height can adjust the appearance to the smallest detail.

But the design changes are not only in a simple facelift, also have made changes to the structure. Panic has taken everything we’ve learned in recent years and at the same time changed site a few buttons and added a few menus and toolbars has improved navigation by far. Not that everything was a mess before, but now everything is as one would expect in a iOS app.

Panic has taken everything he’s learned creating iOS apps in recent years and has resulted in Coda Although the largest structural change of all has been taking all interface elements the iPad version and adapted to fit into the 3.5 “, 4”, 4.7 “and 5.5” screen iPhone. Parts and horizontal version for older iPhone may have been easy, since mostly follows the same line of iPad, however considering designing smaller phones not had to be easy. If it is true that there are some rather confusing parts, but overall adaptation is almost perfect.

In fact, in terms of design, the biggest problem I’ve found is the way it has been implemented extra bar on the version of iPad keyboard. While the iPhone has the right size, the iPad is too high (even more than the previous version). I understand that they seek to have larger keys (and therefore easy to press), however it ends up stealing too much space and taking shortcuts less than we should. That said it would be nice for future versions should give the option to customize the order and disclosures that appear on the keyboard and make apps like Drafts 4.


Coda for iOS Analysis: work on your web wherever you are Upon entering we find the first new Coda for iOS: Panic Sync. Available for several months in Coda 2.5 and iOS apps like Transmit or Prompt for 2 Panic Sync is the synchronization in the cloud that the app developers available to us to have all our sites, clips and access credentials in all our devices and apps by Panic. Or what is the same, once we start meeting will not have to configure anything else. That if this is not a Dropbox or iCloud Drive to use, since no files are synchronized.

With Panic Sync can synchronize our sites, clips and access credentials Once activated synchronization enter fully into the project section, where those who have configured appear in other versions of Coda or can add new ones. The projects appear in two ways: in a grid with a preview of the web or in a list. I had some trouble getting it to load the preview in two of my projects, presumably because both had a index.html that redirected to another site, but seeing that Coda for Mac is no problem do not understand why it should be in iOS. If you prefer the Panic lists it gives us the option to add an icon to help us more easily differentiate the various sites. An icon can be replaced by the image that we want (and if it is a PNG transparency is maintained.)

If you edit any project can choose the path where the files are located, whether they are found locally as those found on the server. This allows us that every time you open a project we meet the appropriate files. However, despite having this feature Panic has decided not to include the “Publish” depending on the version of OS X. This feature allows you to edit multiple files locally as Coda detects changes shows a list of all of them and gives the ability to publish all changes on the server. A pity that so far has been left out.

In the section of the FTP client that Coda has for iOS, I must mention that transfer protocols supported by FTP, SFTP, FTP Implicit SSL and FTP over TLS / SSL is joined WebDAV (HTTP / HTTPS), Amazon S3 and DreamObjects. It has also added a dual file browser where as usual in many FTP clients can simultaneously browse the files we have in place and those that are on the server.

Coda for iOS Analysis: work on your web wherever you are Although the most interesting novelty of Coda file manager is that it shares with local storage for iOS Transmit. Thus all documents and files that have locally on either apps will be accessible from the other. In this way we can easily create a workflow in which we use unique features of Transmit as their extension (to include files from third-party apps in our project) or “Twin-Turbo Background Transfer Engine” that transfers are made faster.

Once we have access to files Coda gives us several options of editing. We can move them, duplicate, delete, open them in other apps, export, upload and download them, copy the URL or Path, compress and even change the read and write. Everything you need to manage them without missing a computer.

When we said to create or modify a document we will find one of the most comprehensive code editors I’ve seen on iOS. Besides talking HTML and CSS Coda known 30 programming languages ​​ different (including Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective C, Swift, XML and SQL). As usual in recent years in all code editors editor has “syntax highlight” for easier reading and autocompletion to increase the pace of writing. It also includes tabs, so that we can have multiple open documents at once or even a terminal window or an Playground (of which I will discuss in a moment).

In the event that repeat large blocks of or want to create code templates to provide us start a new document can resort to “clips“. By simply pressing the * icon you can insert any piece of text you need. The app has some standard but we can easily add our thanks to Panic Sync will sync to the cloud with the rest of our versions of Coda

Coda for iOS Analysis: work on your web wherever you are If we want to edit our code Coda for iOS has features like a powerful search engine capable of replacing text and what Panic calls” Super Loupe “. Thanks to this evolution magnifier including iOS to give us the text selection we can place the cursor as precisely as we would with a mouse.

For those using quite the Javascript language this second version Coda has “Playgrounds” that allow us to experiment and try our code directly on iPad and a Web console that can evaluate our code while working with our HTML DOM elements.

The only thing I missed in the editor is the ability to edit the same document collaboratively locally, a feature that takes time in the Mac version of Coda and can be useful in such a portable device like the iPad. We just sit together with our partner, we opened our iOS Coda for iPad and begin to create or fix the CSS of a website. Playing wait for future releases.

Coda for iOS Analysis: work on your web wherever you are Once we have made significant changes to our web or have reached the point which is beginning to take shape can preview it comfortably within the app itself without being obliged to save and upload the file to the server. We just have to click on the “eye” when editing a document to view a preview of our website, but if you prefer we can open a new tab for it. And speaking preview is also improved AirPreview, a feature that allows us to use our iPad (and now iPhone) how a second screen where you see real time the result of our work. This feature very useful when we have a laptop or do not have a second screen is now much faster and stable.

As for Terminal, which now incorporates the most important developments Prompt 2 SSH allows us to connect to our server to perform the work and maintenance we need. We can store our commands on the section “Videos” features “agent forwarding” and others.

Finally, this second version of Coda for iPhone and iPad has a number of small improvements that not only make a citizen’s premier iOS 8 if not that facilitate both the implementation and the day with the app. Improved accessibility for people with impaired vision can use more easily, has been added support for the extension of 1Password (with which we can log on to our servers more easily) We can now use Touch ID as password and included notices for transfers in second plano.8Desde the launch of the first version in 2007 Panic Coda has received high praise from the press and users. The idea of ​​bringing together all the tools needed to build from scratch a site was revolutionary in its day in Mac OS X and iOS is now. In his conception pose Apple iPhone and iPad to use a single app at a time and although this reality has been changing in recent years (especially with the arrival of the Extensions, the” Document Picker “ and multiwindow future iOS iPad 9) iOS is still one step behind OS X when creating workflows that connect various apps.

Of course, in a few months we can have an FTP client open on our iPad while a text editor, however, the value of Coda for iOS goes far beyond the sum of its parts. Moreover, although several apps get together with all functions including Panic app we can hardly create a work flow so integrated. Not to mention that probably will not have the same quality or price exceeds all it costs € 9.99 Coda for iOS.

Taking a look at the App Store is easy to have the feeling that the iPad is just a toy. IPod Touch “on steroids” that can only be used to pass the time, at least until the expected “iPad Pro”. However, through the efforts of companies like Panic to bring their applications to iOS (and do it all features, nothing Touch versions or Diet) gradually more and more professionals can aparar your computer in a corner and make a part of their work on their iPad.

And now thanks to the iPhone version can fix any problems that are our projects we are where we are without worrying about finding a point WiFi.- Board under one icon all the tools (FTP, text editor, browser and SSH) we need to schedule a web -. If iPad and It was the best in iPhone directly is unrivaled. – Three years after its launch from Panic continues to provide support and updates gratuitas.- the “Publish” option Mac version was made at fault -. The extra bar on the keyboard is too high and has few buttons. You could better use the space. – Just as the dark tone of Transmit is a beauty thanks to its blue touch, the dark tone of Coda for iOS is ugly because of wearing a pure black


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