Collection Blumhouse, complete series of ‘Batman’ of the 60’s and doll-speaking of Pennywise in our Hunting Bargains

Collection Blumhouse, complete series of 'Batman' of the 60's and doll-speaking of Pennywise in our Hunting Bargains

Black Friday is already around the corner -eye the review you are going to do our co-Xataka, although in Espinof also go on time to our appointment with the event – and some might prefer to save the money for then. However, this week there are also a number of great deals that we are going to review below.

The menu for this week includes, among other items, the collection Blumhouse in blu-ray, the complete series of ‘Batman’ of the 60’s also high definition and a bone-chilling doll driver Pennywise. Let’s go there!

  • Collection Blumhouse blu-ray: a convenient pack of six films of the study that will be difficult to appeal to you all, but at this price worth to highlight that, even though not all of them include audio and subtitles in Spanish: 23,49 euros

  • ‘Aladdin’ on blu-ray: one of the classic Disney’s most beloved by the public and which will soon have its inevitable adaptation in real image: 9,95 eur

  • Steelbook of ‘doctor Frankenstein’ on blu-ray: a neat edition in metal box of the classic horror film starring Boris Karloff: 9,49 euros

  • Steelbook of ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol’ on blu-ray: the british edition identical to the Spanish but still available and at a price attractive enough: 9,99 eur

  • Steelbook of ‘Big Hero 6’ on blu-ray: a good opportunity to make with this great tape of Disney in an edition that also includes his version in 3D: 15,99 €

  • ‘Batman’, complete series of the 60’s on blu-ray: the legendary series starring the man-bat from the 60’s on blu-ray. The only but is that it only includes Spanish subtitles but no dubbing in Spanish: 31,42 eur

  • ‘The mentalist’ season 2 on dvd: it may seem like a random inclusion here, but is that this price you had to highlight it: 4,20 €

  • ‘South Park’, the first season on dvd: a lot has changed series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone since its inception and this is a good occasion to remember him: 9,99 eur

  • ‘Westworld’, first season in blu-ray: it still takes quite a lot in the third, so that it is a reversion to the first for those genuine enthusiasts of the series: 17,45 eur

  • 3×2 in series and movie: the best deal currently has the FNAC to get our money: Purchase 3 and pay for 2

  • Dummy driver Pennywise: a stunning articulated doll is not suitable for the squeamish, that is also carry a massive scare if it is triggered by some error…: 94,99 euros

  • Figure of Coraline: a neat, doll-headed with a finish much more realistic than those of Funko: 34,99 eur

  • Cap Marvel: now that the cold has arrived, this cap Marvel can be quite useful: 7.99 euros

  • Mystery minis Disney: for a new serving size of the boxes, the surprise of Funko dedicated on this occasion to the heroes and villains of Disney: 8,95 euros

  • Bust of Darth Vader: looks great and has a succulent discount of this bust which just have been made 1077: around the world 64,99 euros

do More offers?

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The news Collection Blumhouse, complete series of ‘Batman’ of the 60’s and doll-speaking of Pennywise in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


Collection Blumhouse, complete series of ‘Batman’ of the 60’s and doll-speaking of Pennywise in our Hunting Bargains
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