Collection of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, complete series of ‘A step Forward’ and Funko Pop Harley Quinn in our Hunting Bargains

Collection of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', complete series of 'A step Forward' and Funko Pop Harley Quinn in our Hunting Bargains

Sundays are synonymous with deals on Espinof with our Hunting for Bargains, the section in which we review several chollos on the world of film and television. The menu for this week includes, among other items, the collection of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the whole series of ‘A step forward’ and a Funko Pop of Harley Quinn. Let’s go there!

  • Collection of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ blu-ray: the five deliveries led by Jack Sparrow, remember that Johnny Depp no longer going to be part of the saga by the decision of Disney: 36,99 euros

  • Pack ‘How to train your dragon’ on dvd: the first two installments of this wonderful franchise that soon will come to an end: 12.99 a €

  • Collection Indiana Jones steelbook blu-ray: the four adventures featuring Harrison Ford in a juicy pack in metal box: 16,11 eur

  • Collection Universal Monsters on blu-ray: a classic of this section, but is that for this price it would be a crime not to have with him: 18,17 eur

  • Collection Rocky blu-ray: the six installments of the saga gathered together in a convenient pack that includes the dubbing into Spanish, despite being a british edition: 23,49 euros

  • ‘A step forward’, series complete on dvd: all an anomaly within the tv fiction Spanish. I never convinced him, but he had many fans: 70,91 €

  • ‘Physics or chemistry’, series complete on dvd: surely I’m not the only one who feels a certain curiosity to see how you have been sitting the years to this series: 70,91 €

  • ‘The mysteries of Laura’, series complete on dvd: a pity that the left to die without any clear: 40,22 eur

  • ‘Battlestar Galactica’, the complete series on blu-ray: a modern classic of science-fiction and a series essential. The downside is that it only includes Spanish subtitles: 36,11 eur

  • Up to 40% discount: The English Court has lowered somewhat the promotion of January, but it is still interesting if you were wondering: 40% discount buying 4 or more

  • Funko Pop Harley Quinn: the version bighead of the character played by Margot Robbie in ‘suicide Squad’: 11,17 eur

  • Pack Alien: a great pack that includes t-shirt and several figures based on the legendary film by Ridley Scott: 17,99 €

  • Pack Black PAnther: a t-shirt and a wallet with motifs of the superhero in Marvel: 13,99 euros

  • Statue of Captain Marvel: a figure with great finishings made of resin, ideal for collectors: 149,99 €

  • music Box of ‘Game of Thrones’: an original gift for fans of the popular HBO series: 9,99 eur

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The news Collection ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, complete series of ‘A step Forward’ and Funko Pop Harley Quinn in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


Collection of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, complete series of ‘A step Forward’ and Funko Pop Harley Quinn in our Hunting Bargains
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February 10, 2019

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