Companies focus on launching ‘wearables’ for cyclists


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When the wearables started to be introduced tentatively in the market, made in the form of bracelets and fitness watches that tracked the activity, especially, of the runners. And probably the biggest part of the technological products that we find in the shops are still targeting asfalteros and trailers (as it is known so colloquial corridors of asphalt and mountain, respectively), but the fans of the pedal also have their niche.

Yes, you do not need to be an elite athlete that runs a lot of miles in bike-to-use the gadgets that we recommend. Even if you are only going on a bike for fun or transportation, the technology experience remains customized in addition secure to reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.

Rare is the smartwatch today is not includes a function of monitoring the activity of the user, location using GPS, a apps of physical performance and even connection with other users to compare personal records such as pace, distance and performance. In addition to goggles, vests, helmets… Although most of the gadgets intended for cyclists are placed on the bike.

Some, like ShredMate is incorporated into the wheel, and can measure the leaps that are made with a mountain bike. In terms of what the future holds, experts predict that wearables for this type of athletes will be destined to be still more efficient, to the few unique, for those seeking new challenges.

Lazer Genesis LifeBEAM. System of measurement of heart rate and pulse, a good idea if you don’t want to buy a watch, because you have to wear a helmet anyway. It connects through Bluetooth, and its interface is quite simple.


BeeLine. Is linked to Google Maps through the mobile phone and then points an arrow directly to your target. Although it does not offer directions step by step, the designers recognize that the pointer type compass makes cycling much easier. Price: 111 €.


Raptor. While wearing these glasses, the cyclists receive an overlay that shows you the surrounding terrain, and the maps, the performance metrics in real-time and including notifications, calls and alerts from smartphone that is linked to the device.


Moov Now. Tracker that conforms to the ankle like a bracelet to register the RPM, and even includes an estimate of power for a more in-depth analysis. Provides training in vivo. the Price: 76,11 €.

Garmin Vivoactive HR. app cycling GPS measures time, distance, speed and calories. It is compatible with sensors, for example, speed and cadence to measure the evolution of both passenger favorites such as in the newspapers. the Price: 269,99 €.


Garmin Various Lights. Lights smart that they adapt to the speed of the cyclist. When it goes slow, the front light illuminates the immediate vicinity of the road and the focus expands when it takes up greater speed. It also alerts you when approaching a vehicle from behind.


PowerTap Power Meters. A potentiometer serves to measure the force that is applied at a particular time or during a particular period of time. If you pick one that go built-in pedals, it is best to be in the two for a more precise measurement.



Companies focus on launching ‘wearables’ for cyclists
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October 26, 2017

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