Comparison depth of the best task managers for Android, which one of them you will organize your day?

Android Task Managers

Arrange while our time is vital to get to everything, whether it’s at work and with our personal projects. There are still nostalgic who prefer calendars and agendas of paper, but you can not deny that phones have become tools very complete and versatile work with which to organize and manage our time.

the productivity tools are a leading category in the Google Play Store and in this case we will focus on a very popular type that can be very useful in day to day: the gestores tasks. For the occasion, face seven services more comprehensive task management


Google Keep, simplicity for personal use

Google Keep

Google Keep is part of package applications that came standard with Android and is a very interesting option in the face of personal organization , although it is too limited for a professional use, especially if you work as a team.

One of its strengths, plus it is totally free, it allows you to create different types of content. We can choose between text note, checklist of tasks, freehand drawings, memos or images. In addition, it is one of the few that offers the option to reminders by location , to warn us when we arrived at a particular place.

Evernote, notes and tasks all-in-one


Evernote is more than a task manager, also create and store all kinds of documents we can organize and group notepads with labels, but its versatility is precisely what makes not reach deeper into the task management section.

This app offers endless possibilities in creating content, from attach a photo to a document, create reminders, handwrite or make a checklist of tasks. In addition, text formatting options are very comprehensive and make it a very useful tool in creating documents. It also has a team chat to organize work.

If you are looking for a versatile service that goes beyond the classic lists, Evernote is a good choice. It is also available on all platforms, both desktop and mobile, including Windows Phone. However, if you want something more specific to your tasks can stay short, and that whom much does not catch anything.



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Any.Do, its simplicity fool you not


Any.Do is one of the most popular apps tasks, and there are reasons . Has a interface very clean that allows us to organize our work projects and tasks, which in turn allow you to add subtasks, and offers many features focused on teamwork.

With Any.Do can share projects and comment among members, but yes, if you want to maximize their capabilities organizing teams will have to become a premium subscription. It also has the option reminders, it allows attachments and add media files to the notes.

Any.DO List

Any.DO List

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  • Android version: varies by device
  • Developer:
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity

Todoist, complete and limited equally


Todoist is available on all platforms (mobile, desktop, wearables) and is one of the most popular solutions in this management tasks. Organize tasks by tags, create subtasks and, of course, work in teams with an opportunity to comment and attach files.

One of the most interesting details of Todoist is that we can set the priority of each task on four levels and also generate recurring tasks in time. The downside is that The free version has fairly limited functionality.

Todoist: Task List

Todoist: Task List

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  • Android version: varies by device
  • Developer: Doist
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity

Wunderlist, lists of vitamin-enriched tasks


Wunderlist is probably the favorite app lists user tasks, and no wonder. It is multiplatform, the free version is very complete and very simple and intuitive operation. Posts to get a hitch, interface is somewhat in need of a facelift, but works wonders , which in the end is what we want in an app of this type

Wunderlist It offers a good balance between features and usability , so you do not miss anything but neither on and end up confusing. Each task can add a reminder (date only, of course), add subtasks, notes or attachments. If you go to work in a team, you can also add comments to the other members can see them.

Asana, especially for equipment


If you want to manage the tasks of a team of people, Asana is certainly one of the options to consider. It may also be useful as a personal manager, but your focus is clearly aimed at coordinating the work of several members .

It has a fairly dynamic interface and offers the options of standard equipment, but they gives a social shift with the possibility of adding Likes mention other users in the comments or highlight messages. Its biggest drawback is that it is in English.



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Trello, versatility in a very visual interface


Trello is a clear example that the interface is a key point in organizing tasks. With a unique structure of boards and cards , Trello facilitates the organization to show all tasks in a much more visual, so we can see how we work rate at a glance.

the tasks, or rather cards are grouped into a kind of lists that have christened boards, but move them is as simple as dragging another board . Within each card you can add subtasks lists, attachments or add comments. It also organizes by colors and lets you add stickers to highlight cards.



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Managers tasks, what we offer and which one to choose?

we could pick a winner but in the end the decision to use a task manager or other depends on the particular needs of each user. to help in the election, have compiled a comparative table with the highlights of each application.









Android, iOS, web.

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, web, app desktop Windows / Mac

Android, iOS, web

Android, iOS, web, app desktop Windows / Mac, WatchOS, Android Wear

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, web, app desktop Windows / Mac

Android, iOS, web

Android, iOS, web, Android Wear


Notes, checklist tasks, handwriting, voice memo, images.

Notes, reminders, handwriting, checklist tasks

Designing, tasks, subtasks

tasks, subtasks

tasks, subtasks, notes

Designing, tasks, subtasks

Boards, cards, checklists


labels, colors, reminders time and place

Format notes, labels, notepads, attachments

Reminders by date / location, attach files, add notes, images and videos, voice memos and documents.

Labels, comments (premium only), set priority, managing email, repetitive tasks

Add comments and notes, attachments, reminders, recurring tasks

Labels, attachments, comments, Likes

Color labels, stickers, attach files, add comments


Yes, share notes

Yes, team chat

Yes, share projects, comments

Yes, with comments, attachments

Yes, chat team and assigning tasks

Yes, assignments (limited to 15 members)

Yes, add members, assign tasks


Integration with Google


clean interface


very complete free version

Countless integrations available

very visual interface easy organization


Teamwork very limited (only share notes)

No delves into management tasks

Working limited equipment in free version

Free limited version

upgradeable interface

It is in English

Expensive for big teams



Plus: € 2.99 month / € 19.99 years Premium: € 4.99 month / € 39.99 years

month 2.99 € / € 26.99 year

€ 28.99 year

4.49 € month / year € 44.99

88 € per member per year

Business: 88 € per member per year
Trello Gold (customization): 4.40 € month

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Comparison depth of the best task managers for Android, which one of them you will organize your day?
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June 30, 2016

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