Comparison of tablets: iPad vs Nexus 7 mini

 nexus 7 vs ipad mini Tablet Comparison: iPad vs Nexus 7 mini

The battle between Google and Apple is open, almost pitched. Not a day passes that particular rumor appears related to some of the companies that appear before long news and rumors about something new from the other, and so does Apple launches because now launched a smaller version called iPad mini , Google remains committed to its family of tablets medium Nexus 7 with a new 32GB version. In Androidsis compare both models and you put up on the qualities of each of the devices.

The first thing that caught my attention, and before moving to the technical analysis of the devices is that during the presentation Apple spent more than half the time to compare the Nexus tablet with 7 trying to detract from the device model designed by Google, this brings us to one of the most important questions of this comparison .

Apple is afraid of losing sales in the tablet market?

no lack of reasons as to buy the mini iPad model Nexus 7 and we have a very powerful device and innovative hand of Google, while the iPad mini proprietary technologies used over the iPad 2 to the iPad 3.

Design, a plus for Apple

One of the advantages we must recognize the iPad mini is its design, using quality materials, aluminum and glass, the model is very light and strong. It weighs 308 grams while the Nexus 7 tablet weighs 340 grams and has a complete back cover with rubber for better grip.

The Truth About screen

 nexus 7 vs ipad mini 02 Comparison of tablets: iPad vs Nexus 7 mini

The screen iPad mini is larger, 7.9 inches to 7 inches in front of the Nexus, but still Google’s tablet has a better resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels compared to 1024 x 768. In July the Nexus screen protection is guaranteed by Corning coated so bear one or two hits without problems, but not get excited and start beating down the tablet to check its resistance. The absence of technology points to detract Retina iPad mini model.

price, the key to success Nexus

also subtracted, and much, price, as Apple characterized by offering exclusive products for your brand and that the price will rise much. While the basic configuration version costs 349 euros iPad mini version of Nexus 16GB 7 costs only 199 euros.

Other data and conclusions

One thing that never hurts compare contemporary devices is the processing power, and in the case of the Nexus 7 and this mini iPad influyec directly to the previous point about the price.

 nexus 7 vs ipad mini 03 Comparison of tablets: iPad vs Nexus 7 mini

The tablet Google has a quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3, immediately becoming the 7-inch tablet market more powerful. The mini version of the iPad instead uses old technology, the processor A5X iPad 2 which works with only two cores.

Finally, and as always, a matter of taste, but it is important to note Nexus 7 tablet that has more processing power, better price and better screen resolution in relation to the new segment contender 7-inch tablets. Will Apple make the sector safer with this smaller version of iPad? Particularly I think not, but we are always open to debate and listen to the reasons to choose a different device so you are invited to comment.

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Comparison of tablets: iPad vs Nexus 7 mini
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November 6, 2012

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