Compilation of Multiplayer Games for Android

games are the most used apps on Android by far, removing Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail … And if somewhat resembles the gaming industry for smartphones to gaming console is its propensity towards the multiplayer experience, and even with a smartphone becomes more rare now, and there are many titles and of all types. Let this compilation multiplayer games for android …

First we have to distinguish between three types, then go to the categories. There games you can play on one screen (preferably in a tablet for that size, and others that are played directly different screens , connecting our smartphones, tablets or whatever, via Bluetooth or LAN (same network, WiFi so we understand) if we want the game to be simultaneously , but there are also shifts, that all you need is a connection of some type, to record your game and wait for the opponent’s turn.

And one thing must be clear: are recommendations do not mean they are all that are not all they are.

Multiplayer on one screen


There is less than the other types, but are great fun, even the oldest, as 2Player Reactor or 4Player Reactor (even clone versions , but at least with an interface that reminds you of when you had a HTC Magic), which for those who do not know them are games that grace is to react before your opponent, either with a minigame, question or whatever.

Other newer ones, and most entertaining, such as for example, Paper War (2 players), which is a war against the other side of your screen weapons to ensure the destruction of your opponent, or the remastering of a classic, and in this case up with a sequel, as with Glow Hockey 2 .’s the classic hockey was in recreational rooms.

The vast majority of these games are free, but there are also paid, and there is one in particular that is very very funny: Gentlemen A little expensive (3.50 €) but you may be worth, I put a video to see him:

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

simultaneously on different screens Multiplayer

The game is simultaneous, are playing two or more people at once, not separate shifts. Though there is an exception , now I will tell you (the game is simultaneous but is by turns).

In this category there are many, many games, so I will clearly differentiate, by subcategories.

1. plays “college”

Of those who played with our peers in class, examples are: Tic Tac Toe (Tic Tac Toe), Dodge Basketball , Naval Battle . these three games can be enjoyed with a close companion Bluetooth and also play against distant opponents online form with your data connection or WiFi.

2. Games Sports


Lots of variety, of course, and great quality titles, such as NBA 2K13 , played by Bluetooth off games against friends, or Virtua Tennis , which goes perfectly well via Bluetooth, or even Let’s Golf 3 , in addition to Bluetooth can also play on the same WiFi network.

March. warlike Games

Of the most success are among the players multiplayer, no doubt. And real good games, verily Call of Duty Blackops Zombies , or the well-known NOVA 3 , and also, though less known that these two is Critical Strike . Everyone play the same way, under the same WiFi, but also the last players to play with iPhone.

4. lifelong Games

classic games, such as Metal Slug (all versions, The 1 , the 2 , the 3 and X ), with which some of the older ones around here we spent hours in the arcade, and connects via Bluetooth to two players; Worms 2: Armageddon , where you can control and kill with your favorite worm your peers on the same LAN (this is the exception I said before). Finally, recent adventures Sonic the hedgehog’s most famous video games, in this case with Sonic 4 Episode II , in which a second player can control Tails via Bluetooth or being under the same WiFi. classic But, the Tank , for the NES, which has been enhanced with a Bluetooth multiplayer version.

May. Car Games

Some are very good in this category, but let’s be conservative and let’s talk about qualifications recognized. Indeed it is Asphalt 7 , with which you can take races with your friends if you share the same network. Likewise also played Mini Motor Racing , a kind of racing Micro Machines (a vice), with the difference that you can play well with iOS players. Finally, and returning to the retro look, we have Light Racer, where you can compete in the style 2D TRON, with several opponents, again on the same network.

6. Other

battle-run-9-1-s-307x512 Please note that there are many: many games , almost all of poker , the chess , those of other card games , the pool … But I wanted to tell you of those who remain outside class, such as Spaceteam , which people are fully engaged, and it is playing 1 on 1 ship eliminating your enemy (you only see your cabin) to see who wins. Same network, and against iOS too. Others Curran graphically more like Battle Run , which is to race against your friends while you toss things you, to give you an idea, Mario Kart, no cars and 2D fun.

Simultaneous Multiplayer heading

Here are maybe more games are played in Spain. These games do not depend on you to be in one place (though often we are), or that juguéis to time, just you cast your play and wait for the other answer.

The difference with the Worms 2, with Poker, with chess, with pool … is that although shifts are also in those you have to be stuck in the same heading as your opponent and be playing at a time .

Most are known to us all Apalabrados and Triviados , and I will not be me who does not recommend, because I spent hours playing it on breaks and short wait.

What are the more you play it you? Are you going to try any of them that you recommend?

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Compilation of Multiplayer Games for Android
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August 18, 2013

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