Confined with children: try this escape room to entertain them at home

it Seemed impossible to be so many days at home with the children and keep them entertained, but when he proposes, the human being is incredible. Classic games, crafts, games online and, now also, a escape room without leaving the house.

And don’t worry, because ‘The farm of Mr. Fox’ is a game very simple preparation, which you’ll be able to mount only with materials that you already have at home and, sure, I will give your sons and daughters a good bit of fun maximum. In addition, it meets one of the that should be main goals when proposing an activity for the ‘sin’ of the house: entertains and forces you to exercise the brain.

The game begins with a premise, a sort of presentation like that make the ‘game master’ in the escape room. This time, you are the game master and, therefore, you must read this:

“On the farm of Mr. Fox lives a hen is very clueless, it turns out that he has lost his ten eggs and has been very sad. As to Mr. Fox really likes to take care of and are happy, it has become to search for them all over the house.

do you Want to help you to find all the eggs?”

As we have discussed, the preparation of the escape room home, ‘The farm of Mr. Fox’ is really simple. You will not have problems to make it without learning your children, even if they are at home because they have already given their daily walk.

The game has a total of 22 steps, that the children of iran beating. Remember that you are doing the role of game master, so if you get stuck, I can lend you a hand. this link is all you need to do a yincana at home full of wit and fun. You even have the cutouts needed to create the different tracks. If you have no way of printing it out, don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives.

So now you know, the time has come to mount an escape room for the ‘sin’ of the house. That will open the doors of the room. is the game Begins.

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Confined with children: try this escape room to entertain them at home
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May 2, 2020

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