Controlling the volume of each application independently Android

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You open the YouTube app and suddenly you notice that the video does not sound that you reproduce. Comprobáis the volume, go up until you feel well and seeing Terminais. You go out, you go to another application (eg WhatsApp) and you open an audio note that you just sent. It sounds high and then remember “It’s true, if you turned up the volume before.” The sound controls on Android are fine but sometimes when we go from one application to another do not want the same settings and have to be with the buttons up and down each sound section: notifications, music, alarm , system sounds …

If you’re always juggling and sound applications, you may like to know that there is a way to control the volume of each app separately and thus have everything well tied and not lead a scare with a very high or forget an alarm sound accidentally. As you can guess, none of this is in the settings that have default Android so we have to settle an application to do all the dirty work automation


A tedious at first but very useful once configuration we have to our liking

There are several applications to control the volume on Android but to explain how to do we decided to use App Volume Control . His name does not sound very attractive but it is a very comprehensive tool that allows us to control the sound of each app and change settings or maintained depending on what suits us in our time.

Take an example: Normally we have the mobile with all sounds (system calls, alarms, notifications …) but when we see videos on YouTube, Twitch or VLC we do not like to bother us. With this app you can configure the sound settings for those three services mentioned all volumes except the music automatically lower when we open the app and restore the previous state when we close.

When you open Volume Control App for the first time we see that it lists all the applications you have installed. To manage a set of audio settings, just have to activate a switch and within set each parameter volume to our liking . Finally we mark if we want to stay or not to quit the application and go.

We can also configure the tool to alert us when there are changes in volume and sound delay so as not to distract. The amount of options offered is overwhelming at first but once we understand what we can do with it, it becomes a very complete and useful application.

The first steps with this application are more cumbersome since we have to go all the controls setting those apps that interest us. If we look and we want to fit everything in detail, we can easily spend one hour getting everything to our liking. Now, once done just have to make changes in the future .

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The only thing I missed is the ability to save all settings to synchronize with other devices, which is useful if you have more gadgets with Android or automation want to transfer all our new smartphone or tablet. It removing that detail, which I hope comes with subsequent updates, it is a very complete application that also free . Includes ads but we can remove buying the Pro version at a price of one euro.

App Volume Control

App Volume Control Customize

  • Price: Free (Pro version has to remove ads)
  • Developer: SpyCorp
  • Download: Google Play

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Controlling the volume of each application independently Android
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January 19, 2016

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