COOL game Androidsis of the month of July: Marco, the Cat Inked

Frame the Cat Inked is the new casual for our m’fel that first was made with the galard’ll be the best game COOL Androidsis of this month of July. Is due to the simpático, that is, the great experience that generates the seem that we are drawing on a notepad on a drawing board and for that física object that «paints» cartoons in a big way.

A game well-conceived, and that what we have in espa&bath;ol, so that the experience is one of the best. With this series of aspects has been won our hearts with duties well done and a simpático kitten named Marco. We go that has it all.

A gameplay simple, but to get you hooked

Frame Cat Inked

With 36 levels of quizás do not have many hours of gameplay, but which we have in hand with Marco the cat Inked are más plenty to enjoy with this figure’re leaving while we are painting with different colors, brushes that let you unlock and such small damages.os cats that help us to the task of painting.

In this way we will coloring these cartoon characters until the ink bottle está at 100% or when we see that está the entire space painted. We go to the next color, and we have to direct us to the area for painting. Así we’ll complete the coloring of the drawing for you to enjoy with this game.

Frame Cat Inked

there’s Not much más apart from the content that we can unlock for así we can have más brushes, customize to our kitten or change the sketchbook on the go coloring all these cartoon characters.

A game very well worked in all its aspects and with a multitude of details such as these leaves by way of levels that we’re going afterés to complete one. Alsoén we were with your m&number;sica of a&bath;os 20 and that reminds us, as to general levels, the large platforms for the PC called Cuphead.

Frame Cat Inked

A game with charm and we recommend it openly, and that has won to be the cool game from Androidsis of the month of July; don’t miss the last month. You got it for free from the Google Play Store for you to help Frame color all those characters that you have ahead of you. Oh, and it has advertising, but nothing invasive; step a look at the vídeo to alg&number;n another board.

Opini’re in the editor

You win the game of the month más COOL so simpático, that is, by letting us draw and to be in espa&bath;ol.

Puntuaci’n: 7,5

The best

  • Has magic
  • Coloring and drawing characters
  • The kittens that we will accompany&bathrooms;ando
  • Visually it is perfect with animations, cool

The worst

  • If you have más levels…

Download Application’n

Frame: Cat ink (Free, Google Play) →


COOL game Androidsis of the month of July: Marco, the Cat Inked
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