Create a cover for a mobile with a touch of human skin

When choosing the covers for our mobile phones we stock a very wide range which often makes difficult the choice.But, if you’re looking for pure realism, let yourself be guided by the project of Marc Teyssier, a researcher, designer and creator of interfaces of hardware and software.According to reports the University of Bristol, an idea is very original, although still not commercially available. It is ‘create’ your own cover -in addition to other accessories for other devices – for smartphone on the basis of the project that has shared Teyssier on its website, which follows the guidelines physical of the human skin, an element in which is based the whole.In the video we gives you guidelines to follow to recreate the artificial skin and adapt it to the shape of the phone to protect the mobile.”The artificial skin has been widely studied in the field of robotics, but with a focus on security and / or objectives cosmetics. This is the first research we know of that examines the exploitation of the artificial skin realistic as a new input method to increase the usefulness of the devices,” said Marc Teyssier, author of the project.The result are some housings so realistic that to give some creeps to use them. Remember, still not sold, but you can make them.
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Create a cover for a mobile with a touch of human skin
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October 23, 2019

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