Create your Android: XUI v2

Create your Android: XUI v2

We go back a week later with the "Create Your Own Android" and what we will do is learn to completely change our...

We go back a week later with the “Create Your Own Android” and what we will do is learn to completely change our little phone to give you the best look possible. Try that every delivery is quite different from the previous style, to cover the maximum number of styles.




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  • Simi Folder
  • UCCW
  • file with all the content
  • Wallpapers

we go!

The theme itself is not very complicated, just have to RIEF devoting time to widgets and details. For starters use either wallpaper images and the Wizardrii Wallpaper we adjust our screen size. We then go changing icons to MetroStation pack. I remind you that with the Nova Launcher Prime can change all the icons at once, whether we should go one on one but worth it.


This screen only has 3 UCCW widgets: weather, battery (center) and watch. The time we can use the Holo UCCW Clock widget or directly use Minimalistic Text. For the other two widgets, then add them as usual:


    • files. Uzip to SD / Memory
  • We add a widget of any size UCCW
  • Top right

  • select the option to open a. uzip
  • We left and click on the hand that appears
  • Finally, we will use Simi Folder to create four folders: Media, Social, Tools and Games. Then fill them with applications that we like, we change the color of the folder to match our color scheme (Blue: 00B1DC, Green 7FEC4D Red: F04C6A and Yellow: FCBA05 or FCDA2B). Finally, change the folder icon for a transparent and put it over the text of the wallpaper.

    And finally, how you see has been very easy. For the next week, another issue. Of course, you can propose topics or send me twitter [email protected] or your creations accompanied by a tutorial. I remind you that you can see all the designs we have discussed here

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