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We return one week later with the “Create Your Own Android” and what we will do is learn to completely change our little phone to give the best look possible. Try that each delivery is quite different from the previous style, to cover as many styles.

Game Boy

The issue today, although it is very simple we will go fable for a little more familiar with the application Minimalist Text and enormous potential


Minimalist Text

  • Source to watch
  • Icons
  • Wallpaper
  • Let it

    This topic can be made at any screen and Launcher. Of course, this topic is more fun if you have a single screen or more with the same background and changing the 3 shortcuts. Just have to go play with the size ratios and resizing widgets that are to our liking.

    Clock Widget

    is where all the grace of this topic. To begin we will get off sources requirements and pass our phone memory .


    Then, we will create a Minimalist Text widget 4 × 1 or 2 × 1, to your comfortable with the following settings

    Show Background -> NO

  • predefined layout -> Custom (and now we can press the custom)  11/23/2012 25.01.13
  • Custom Design menu we can modify the widget to your liking. Default is the time set with letters. We delete the boxes holding up a few seconds and then press the right over to add new boxes.

     11/23/2012 24.01.58

    select the boxes Time (24h) and Minutes (2 digits) . You can even add a text box in the middle as I have to add “:” to separate hours and minutes.

    Finally, let’s change the clock source. To do this click on the main screen menu options and press Minimalist Text option Global Preferences . Then go to Folder sources and select the folder where you’ve put the source in step 1.

     23.11.2012 01.49.38

    we go back and paragraph text style are three subsections: Normal, Accented, not accentuated. Then hit each -> Font family and select our new source. We can change the size and color here if desired.


  • see how the preview changes and becomes a thing.
  •  11.23.2012 01.39.09

    Click OK and we have our clock. Of course you can change the size and colors. Do what you need the most!

     11.23.2012 01.50.20


    Download wallpaper

    If the wallpaper does not fit the size of your phone, you can use Wizardrii Wallpaper to fit: we open the image, press Place and finally Expand portrait. You can also find other Gameboy wallpapers in google 😉


    Download icons

    As I’ve said, with almost Launchers can all be changing icons one by one. You can also change them Icon Changer .

    And so, as you see there has been sooooo difficult. For the next week, another topic. Of course, you can propose topics or send me your creations accompanied by a tutorial.

    I remember you can see all the designs we have discussed here

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    Create Your Own Android: GameBoy Style
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