Created the first bracelet smart to monitor the health of the babies in real time



The valencian company Liip has developed the first wrist smart of the world to monitor babies, and that allows it to transmit information accurate, reliable, and real-time on the state of health of the little ones.

to Detect epileptic seizures, febrile seizures, apneas, night tachycardia or bronchiolitis are some of the applications of this biotechnology wearable, created by a team of five young engineers, biochemists and pediatricians, according to sources of this emerging company.

Liip Smart Monitor measures the main vital signs, such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and temperature, helping parents to identify any anomalies through the mobile phone or tablet.

in Addition, it provides pediatricians with data-driven, individualized, and effective for the monitor their patients, which favors and accelerates the diagnosis, and reduces the time of assistance.

This monitor detects arrhythmias, tachycardia and bradicardias that may have their origin in various heart disease known to you or not, be a consequence of viral infections or bacterial such as meningitis, and to highlight complications of these infectious processes.

Also benefits the field of pediatric neurology address complications such as febrile seizures and epileptic seizures cause of sequelae, and in the detection of unexpected situations that may require a cardiac arrest as a sudden death or choking by external agent, according to the sources.

Optimum in preterm infants

The sources highlight the benefits of its use in patients with neuromuscular diseases, cerebral palsy and premature babies, as they are very susceptible to diseases with greater prevalence than others.

The bracelet is placed on the left ankle of the infant, and from the first year on the left wrist, and thanks to an autonomy of operation up to 14 hours in a row allows you to transmit a full information on the health of the baby.

The monitor is equipped with a few sensors and a software of the latest generation that uses mathematical models able to understand and classify the state of health of the small “with a reliability that no model of the market has been able to implement”, according to the sources.

The system software includes two applications that receive the data captured by the sensors. One of them is for the parents, Liip Care, available for mobile or tablet, that displays and notifies the state of health of the baby on the basis of three situations: normal (“All is well”), acute or critical.

In this latter case, it sends a beep and a status message “ACT”, and by pressing this button, Liip Care directs to a protocol of urgency and a call button 112.

The other application, also a pioneer, is Liip Pediatricians, to which only they have access and in which they can customize a specific period of time (even one minute particular) to observe the evolution of his patient.

With this it can detect if you are presenting a process pathological or physiological and quickly recognize its type, and in the case of being under treatment to know the answer to the same.

The co-founders of Liip are Hector Llorens, technical engineer at Computer Systems; Victor Smith, engineer in Industrial Organization, David Güémez, biochemical, Sergio Negre, doctor of Pediatrics; and John Montesinos, an economist.

These five young entrepreneurs were proposed three years ago to revolutionize the technology market wearable applied to the health sector to improve the quality of life of the people and, in particular, of the babies since their first one thousand days “are the keys to its physiological development”.

In the process of research and development have intervened Celéstica; e-Health, the Institute of Automatic and Industrial Informatics of the BASQUE country (Ai2), and specialists in pediatrics and gynecology.


Created the first bracelet smart to monitor the health of the babies in real time
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September 13, 2017

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