Created the first drone made almost entirely with Lego pieces

The pieces of Lego combined with the enthusiasm and ingenuity can serve for almost everything. For example, a drone. Already had done before drones that include components of the famous game, but now a group of engineers has created the first drone made almost entirely with Lego pieces.

The Channel Brick Experiment YouTube what has been achieved after a work of ten months after that in march of last year to show videos of different components of Lego, such as propellers and electric motors. As Gizmodo, at that time, they wanted to know if you would be able to generate enough lift to fly a drone-based Lego bricks.

they Saw that it was possible and they have succeeded. Already we say that it is made almost entirely of pieces Lego, but to fly, of course, has been to add more things. In particular, a motor circuit, a radio transmitter and a set of rechargeable batteries, in addition to a flight controller, lightweight and small.

Not as complete, but there were already drones with seal Lego. In 2016, came out Flybrix, a kit to build and program a drone with bricks of the famous game. Addressed to a very broad audience, from the age of 14, was based on a complete computer system to teach how to program.

kit of Flybrix included a package with propellers; a processor, barometer, magnetometer, LED indicators, converters, ADC, an SD card slot and Bluetooth, as well as the Lego pieces for the fuselage.

year later, Kitables, a company of diy, released a kit with all of the components necessary to build a small drone. The pack included a motor, a plate receiving, a system of four propellers, a battery, a charging cable and a controller to manage the device.

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Created the first drone made almost entirely with Lego pieces
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January 24, 2020

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