‘Crisis on infinite Earths’: trailer and final where to watch streaming the crossover’s most ambitious Arrowverso

Thus a little less than four days to start and after having been bombarded by noticias, images and trailers we have been excited quite, this Sunday the american chain The CW gives the kick-started ‘Crisis on infinite Earths’ (‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’), the crossover of crossovers Arrowverso that we can see the trailer end.

Five episodes, spread over five of the series superheroicas of the chain (‘Arrow‘, ‘Flash‘, ‘Supergirl‘, ‘Batwoman‘ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘) in which the multiverse is in danger and begins with the imminent condemnation of the Land 38, inhabited by Supergirl.

Guide to the viewing of ‘Crisis on infinite Earths’ in the USA and in Spain

Crisis Infinite Earths

As always, we like to emphasize how you can see this crossover in Spain. You already know that the issue is complicated by the fact that, while in the united States The CW issues all of these series of arrowverso in days in a row and “parallel”, in our country walk spread over three strings/platforms (HBO, TNT, and SyFy), with a different day of release and modes of issuance.

So, order with your dates of issuance of both original as well as in Spain is:

  1. ‘Supergirl’ 5×09 (8/12/2019) | HBO Spain on Tuesday, 10/12
  2. ‘Batwoman’ 1×09 (9/12/2019) | HBO Spain on Tuesday, 10/12
  3. ‘The Flash’ 6×09 (10/12/2019) | No date on TNT (end of January/beginning of February) [Available at Sky and TNT Now]
  4. ‘Arrow’ 8×08 (14/1/2020) | unconfirmed, probably 23/1 [Available at Sky]
  5. ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 5×00 (14/1/2020) | January on HBO Spain (no particular day)

in Addition, outside of the crossover but using the classic formula of the comic book tie-in, will be the ninth episode of season 3 ‘s’ Black Lightning‘, whose character holder will also be in the meeting of heroes. The series was premiered in Spain through Netflix, but still no date for the season 3.

The truth is that I’m not sure of what to meet with this cross. It is true that leads poking out the leg from the first episode of ‘Flash’, but by the other hand, the experience with ‘Elseworlds’ I have taken away some enthusiasm about it.

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‘Crisis on infinite Earths’: trailer and final where to watch streaming the crossover’s most ambitious Arrowverso
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December 4, 2019

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