Criterion and Nintendo ever spoke officially about doing a F-Zero

The former head of the study reveals that, despite the rumors, there were never negotiations open.

old rumor suggested that Nintendo had offered to Criterion delivery of the series F-Zero for the Wii U. Now, Alex Ward, founder of the studio (and left in 2014 to establish his own company, Three Fields Entertainment), has clarified the situation: that never happened.

“once and for all: Nintendo is not offered Criterion do a F-Zero. Or from far away. It is completely false,” said Ward. Yes, there was some contact between the companies.

Ward has revealed that the “someone in a position very low on the Nintendo Europe, and that no longer works there, he sent me an e-mail” in which he suggested that some people had talked informally about something like that. “I replied and told him that someone must have thought we were an independent company and is not what we were; we were property of Electronic Arts. So, first, we are a part of Electronic Arts; and, second, if you want to talk with EA, and companies talk between them all the time, had to write to a person of the company, and I gave him your email address. That is all“.

therefore, there was contact, yes, but informal and outside the official channels of negotiation, and is not involved nor to any of the figures in the direction of Nintendo or Electronic Arts. “there was Never anything formal, it was just all talk”.

In any case, it seems that Ward would not have been particularly interested in: indicates that “it attracts a lot of” the saga of the speed of Nintendo. in Addition, with your own studio is interested in creating title original and not work with third-party brands.

Criterion and Nintendo ever spoke officially about doing a F-Zero
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April 7, 2019

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