Crossy Road Castle now available for the Apple Arcade

Crossy Road Castle now available for the Apple Arcade

The last game that has been added to Apple Arcade Crossy Road Castle, developed by Hipster Whale.

Crossy Road is the predecessor of this, and it is a game with a functioning similar to Frogger, where the objective is that various animals and characters cross a road. In the version of Crossy Road Castle, players must guide the characters through a castle filled with obstacles and enemies. The ultimate goal is to climb as high as possible.

You can play with single player, but there is also a cooperative mode that allows multiple players to participate by using different controls, or different iOS devices. As you move along in the game you will unlock new characters.

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subscribers of Apple Arcade you can download this game from the App Store. The Apple subscription Arcadde has a value of 4.99 dollars per month, and boasts a catalogue of over 100 games, without additional costs or purchases within the games. Crossy Road Castle can be played on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

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