10 curious facts of the human eye

The human eye is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary organs of the body and one of the most important because it allows us to have the vision and mobilize without major difficulties. However, surely there are several curiosities that you do not know about him, let’s see.

10 curious facts of the human eye

Amazing eye curiosities

  1. The pupil really is a hole whose function is to allow the passage of light into the eyeball. This is not perceptible to the naked eye, but it can be noticed in enlarged images of the eye.
  2. The eye is always in constant motion, making very slight shaking to prevent images from vanishing.
  3. A newborn can only see approximately 40 centimeters away.
  4. An eye only sees half of the image, and it is the brain that is responsible for putting them together and correcting possible distortions.
  5. The human eye can not perceive the color red. For this the brain creates it artificially based on the green and yellow of the image.
  6. Peripheral vision is black and white and quite blurred. Again, the brain is in charge of fixing everything.
  7. If you spend a lot of time on the computer or cell phone,the vision will be strengthened closely, but vision from a distance will be reduced. In turn, those who by their work must exercise vision from a distance, reduce their vision closely.
  8. If you have a 20/20 vision it does not mean you can see well at a distance of 6 meters,that is, normal vision.
  9. A person who has lost vision can still continue dreaming of images.
  10. Brown eyes are older than blue eyes. The latter only appeared about 10 years ago and, according to scientists, all people with blue eyes have an ancestor in common.

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A person may have different colored eyes, for example, one brown and one green. This condition is called heterochromia.

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