10 people who made sure to be God

Human beings have a strange tendency to imitate and, in the most extreme cases, be as close as possible or even believe the living incarnation of what it imitates, which could imply an eventual impotence of making a proper name, with its own Efforts. And religion hasn´t been alien to it.

Over time many people have self-proclaimed as prophets, envoys, messiahs, and, what is more, God Himself. Some of them are:

Alvaro Thais

He was born in Brazil in 1948. At the beginning of calling Him Yuri of Nostradamus, but then he claimed that God in a vision had confirmed to him that he was actually Jesus Christ. He then founded the Order of the Most Holy Trinity and called himself Inri Christ.

Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop

He was born in Russia in 1961 and called himself Vissarion. According to him, he had had a vision in which God himself had assured him that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, after which he founded the Church of the Last Testament.

Mitsuo Matayoshi

He was born in Japan in 1944. After an assiduous Christian formation, he became convinced that he is not only Jesus Christ. His doctrine binds religion and politics for the purpose of carrying out God’s plan on earth, for which he was to become the prime minister of Japan. After that he will carry out the final trial.

Apollo Quiboloy

He was born in the Philippines in the year 1950 and by the age of 30 began preaching in the slums of his city, claiming that he was the son of God. He then founded the Restorationist Church, which later became a corporation, raising thousands of dollars.

Wayne Bent

He was born in New Mexico in 1941. When he was 59 he had a mystical experience in which, according to his testimony, God told him that he was the Messiah, that he was the same God made man. He founded the Church Lord our righteousness, but later he was accused of raping a child and imprisoned.

Brian David Mitchell

He was born in 1953 in the United States. He assures that God, as young as the age of 7, revealed to him that he was Jesus Christ. In 2011 he received a life sentence for the crime of kidnapping and rape.

José Luis de Jesús Miranda

He was born in 1946 in Puerto Rico. When he was young, he was addicted to drugs and was apprehended for robbery. At first he claimed to be the Apostle Paul, then claimed to be Jesus Christ Man and also the antichrist—as opposition to his life as Jesus of Nazareth. He founded the church Growing up in Gracia, then renamed to King of Salem. His followers claimed that he could not die, but when he died they claimed that this was necessary for him to return in full glory.

Lisbeth de Miranda

Wife of José Luis de Jesús Miranda, after the death of her husband, assured that she was now Christ Lisbeth. The woman also claims to be the reincarnation of the archangel Michael and the mother of Jerusalem, although it is unclear whether she alludes to a new goddess or to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Alan John Miller

He was born in Australia in 1964. At first he was a witness of the Lord, then he manifested himself as Jesus Christ and claimed to remember all that had happened in the last 2000 years, including his crucifixion, death, and resurrection. Miller’s wife claims to be Mary Magdalene.

Jehovah Wanyonyi

He was born in Kenya in 1924 and not only ensures that he is God Himself, but that Jesus Christ is his son. He founded the church of the lost Israelites and claims that he has the power to cure AIDS. His followers amount to more than 1000, as God considers him, as well as sacred to his more than 95 children.

10 people who made sure to be God
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August 6, 2019

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