10 things you do not know about the vagina (curiosities)

Hundreds of myths have been woven around the female sexual organ, some with more success than others. However, as much as we think we know them, we most certainly do not know them as well as we think and perhaps one or more of the following curious facts can surprise you:

  1. The pubic hair is helpful because it helps protect the skin of the vagina, serves to lubricate and, additionally, retains pheromones.
  2. The most sensitive part of the vagina is in the first 5 centimeters, so a man with a 5-centimeter limb could have a pleasurable sexual relationship with the woman and come to satisfy her completely.
  3. What a woman eats can affect the smell of the genital area. However, there are no major findings regarding this.
  4. The vagina, on average, measures between 7 to 10 centimeters in length. However, when a woman has sexual intercourse, it can grow by up to two hundred percent.
  5. The clitoris, with an approximate of eight thousand, has the highest number of nerve terminals in the body, both of the woman and of the man. In the case of man, his virile member has barely half.
  6. The vagina has its own cleaning mechanism, so you would not need a vaginal shower or products that could affect the pH of the area.
  7. Women can also have involuntary erections, if any, in the clitoris, in most cases with the mere fact of thinking about sex.
  8. The clitoris is a structure of greater proportion than what could be seen with the naked eye.
  9. Vaginal hair only grows for a period of 3 weeks, before it starts to renew. It is for this reason that we could never find a vaginal rapunzel.
  10. There are women who are born without a vagina. This condition, called vaginal atresia, only occurs once between about four thousand to five thousand women. But even more rare are the cases in which a woman is born with two vaginas, a condition called didelfo uterus and which only occurs once between approximately one million.

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10 things you do not know about the vagina (curiosities)
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June 30, 2019

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