10 toys of our childhood that are now worth a lot

For most of us, childhood has been the happiest stage of life. Back then, the only thing we were worried about was being let out and play and what hero or character we were going to be in our big, creative imagination.

Its price has risen considerably

Since television was the medium that influenced us the most, all the toys we wanted were the ones that promoted there. One very interesting thing to keep in mind is that many of those toys, today cost good money.

This is the case with the Nintendo 64. Today it may be using an original console of the first ones, about $200.

Remember this thing you raised a virtual pet with? Yes, it’s the tamagotchi. Today, whoever owns one of these first tamagotchis has a check of $460 to the bearer.

The dream phone was the most dreamed phone by all the girls of the 90s. Now it costs about $190.

If you keep a Polly Pocket set in good condition, you could earn more than $230.

And for chariot enthusiasts, a collection of original Hotweells represents the modest sum of $20,000.

One of these light brite, a kind of slate on which brilliant drawings could be made, today costs $200. And who didn’t dream of Fisher Price’s first skates? If you still keep them and want to sell them, their price ranges from $150 to $200.

Among these coveted toys we can also find the supersoacker, or water gun of the first series that came out, costs 349 dollars. And in the world of video games, one of the most expensive nintendo 64 cassette on the market is Mario Kart, with a value of $900.

And what’s the toy of your childhood that you remember the most or that you liked the most? I’m sure you’ve got rid of this one. If you had it today it would be worth enough, and many collectors would be happy to buy it.

10 toys of our childhood that are now worth a lot
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July 27, 2019

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