3 famous curses that came true

Strange things and events happen in the world that seem to come out of a strange curse. Of course, this territory is speculative and no one can absolutely claim that the events that were to be triggered later had, in fact, obeyed the specific fact of a curse.

Cases that leave the whole world thinking

In order not to go too far, let us remember the case of the Titanic who, according to some versions, obeyed a curse that a woman made on the ship, as he was not allowed to travel on it. In folk tales, many stories of curses abound that seem to have certainly been fulfilled to the letter.

One of them is that of the Kennedys, who throughout their history had to face various tragedies, such as bloody murders, illnesses and also accidents. They say that the culprit of that curse was the patriarch of the family who sold the soul to the devil to supposedly give economic and political power to his family.

The other curse is that of the club of the 27, so it was catalogued because a group of famous artists died at 27, in a very tragic way. They were: Robert Jhonson, Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, Jannis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Kobain and Amy Winehouse.

And the last curse we present to you is that of Superman. Throughout all his series and films, all the actors who impersonate the hero, strangely suffer similar and chaotic circumstances. But it happened not only with the role of Clark Kent, but with everyone who somehow had to do with that superhero’s productions. Some of these cases proved fatal.

What do you think about it? Is this whole curse thing true? Will they have any effect on the recipient?

3 famous curses that came true
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July 27, 2019

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