3 mysteries that science has not been able to explain

It’s interesting to know that in our world there is much more to it than technology, social media and our routine activities.

Unexplained phenomena happen in this world

These are mysteries that give more beauty to our beautiful home that we call earth and awaken in each of us the researcher within us, to respond to what science has not yet explained.

There is the wonderful case of the Nazca lines, which at first glance are lines put without any sense, in the pampas of Jumana, in the Nazca desert in Peru.

But when you see the desert from the air you see about 800 beautiful animal figures, some complex others not so much. And they were carefully crafted. The strangest thing is that the purpose of these gigantic sculptures has not been accurately discovered, nor how they were elaborated.

It is fascinating to know that there is a low-frequency sound under the Southern Pacific, which since 1997 has baffled the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, in addition to the United States armed forces and other scientists who have studied it, have found no answer to the constant sound they have called “Bloop”.

One of the theories is that under the vast and deep sea there is a gigantic aquatic being that has been asleep for centuries. Let’s hope he never wakes up.

A manuscript that is more than 600 years old has been found, and no one in the world has been able to decipher, it is the famous Voynich manuscript, which is currently in the library of rare books and manuscripts of Yale University.

Of the theories closest to reality, he says that it is an ancient text in which he describes a number of aspects of the human being, his environment and the stars. It is possible that the book was prepared by some explorer. The weirdest thing about it is that there is no language, no coding, no coding that could be deciphered.

These are just some of the cases that show that our world is full of myths and legends, which have been transmitted by our ancestors. Many of them speak of huge and gigantic creatures, others of divine beings who have given human beings knowledge, science or also their anger and terrible evils.

3 mysteries that science has not been able to explain
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July 31, 2019

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