4 weirdest items sold on eBay

The computer age has definitely given for everything, and traders have really made the most of e-commerce. However, on many occasions the strangest and most unusual items are offered for sale. Here are some of the weirdest things sold by eBay; some funny, some unusual.

Surprising things

Although it may seem very strange, someone put Iceland on offer, for an initial value of $1. “with beautiful landscapes and excellent wildlife, albeit with certain financial problems and the need for some repairs…”, so said the description of the sale and came to count on 10’000,000 pounds as its maximum offer. All of this was obviously a good joke from some Britons, because in 2008, Iceland faced a serious financial crisis.

Another article that surprises, is nothing more or nothing less than the meaning of life; it started with an initial offer of $10 with $50 and eventually sold for $3.26. This was his description, accompanied by an image of the setting of the sun:

“I offer the knowledge of what is the purpose of life itself, even though the philosophers have written for thousands of years about this none has ever published the correct answer.”

Charles Chaplin’s lost film, sold at $5 in 2009, was found by a guy who bought it because his old look caught his attention. But in reviewing it, he was surprised to find a seven-minute Charles Chaplin film.

He turned to the internet to investigate it, but found no reference; several film studios concluded that it was war propaganda and was sold in just $5. But by verifying better, they found that their real value exceeds $65,000. A bad sale.

An England musician, desperate to finance and publicize his band, decided to put his soul up for sale on eBay. He initially ordered $25,000 and was offered a pound of 700 thousand pounds. But the offer had to be withdrawn, because according to the rules, it is forbidden to sell things that are not physical, such as spirits or ghosts.

4 weirdest items sold on eBay
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July 27, 2019

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