5 things that shouldn´t be heated in the microwave oven

The microwave oven, beyond the negative consequences that occur in the short of frequency, is quite useful for food and meals quickly and easily. However, there is no need to eat and not have to put a heat or cook in the oven because it could bring some consequences not very pleasant. Let’s see 5 things that normally should not be put a heat.

Horno microondas

You must never have entered the oven

  1. Eggs Putting to cook in the microwave is not a good idea, since it generates an internal vapor as much as the clear one as the word, that there is no way out, the egg has exploded.
  2. Fruits. Putting to heat fruit in the microwave is not going well either. In the case of grapes, something similar to what is ending occurs. In the case of raisins, they smoke.
  3. Peppers or chilli peppers. There really is nothing wrong with anything, but possibly you do. The heat causes these to release a substance called capsaicin which, words plus words less, comes to be a form of homemade pepper spray.
  4. Light bulbs. Maybe you would not have considered that possibility. Some people put light bulbs in the microwave because they could not connect to any electrical source; However, the heat generated can explode.
  5. Aluminum foil. You do not want to put a food wrapped in aluminum foil. Possibly nothing happens, but possibly a fire is generated inside. The same applies to toothpicks. The wood is highly flammable so a fire could also be generated inside the microwave.

So far this compilation. If you have any other product, fruit, food, etc., that does´t go well to put a phone in the microwave oven please leave it in the comments.

5 things that shouldn´t be heated in the microwave oven
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June 30, 2019

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