Ace of Swords Tarot card meaning


With the name Of Ace of Swordsthis card occupies the number one position of the Sword of the Lesser Arcane of the Tarot suit. On this occasion we want to offer a synthesis of the general interpretations that are attributed to this deck by scholars and specialists in this divinatory method, apparently emerging in Italy during the Middle Ages.

Based on the Tarot Rider deck, in this card we can see how in the sky, from a gray cloud, a hand emerges – interpreted by most cartomantics as “the hand of God” – which holds a great sword, which is crowned with a headband of pentacles, as well as with a laurel crown, symbol of triumph, power and glory.

Behind this print unfolds a landscape of mountains in the distance, which seem to be illuminated with the light radiated by this hand.

Likewise, together with the Sword and the Hand of God, six flames can be seen, a symbol that is interpreted by some tarotists as a sign of knowledge and wisdom. Generally speaking, most scholars of this divinatory method agree that the Ace of Swords card symbolizes the importance of balance and knowledge in accessing truth.


As for the concrete planes of existence, the Ace of Swords always has a message of beginnings, but also of being sufficiently prepared to face the stumbles or problems that may arise in life.

Thus, fate will be responsible for proving that both wisdom, ethics, knowledge and strength carries within itself the consultant, who during all these years has been preparing to face – with maturity and wisdom – the turbulence that arises during the flight of imagination and dreams, for every project must overcome some obstacles in order to be realized, wisdom consists in being aware of this and having the spiritual and emotional resources to overcome them and move forward.

Likewise, as regards the specific planes of existence, this card also has precise meanings.

For example, in the work area this card speaks of the time when the consultant must demonstrate the knowledge with which he has. In this sense, you may be about to receive a large job offer in your profession, where you have the opportunity to demonstrate what you prepared for. You may even get the offer from a university or study center to take on a faculty.

Similarly, the Ace of Swords card may refer to the moment when the consultant decides to leave the job he has had so far, in order to open his own company, and work on his own as his own guide and boss. Either way, the appearance of the Ace of Swords in a work consultation speaks of the importance of the consultant making the best of his intellect to plan and act in his working life.

It also speaks of the importance of moving forward with safe steps, as there are the internal resources needed to deal with crises. The suit of swords almost always refers to the mental dynamics as well as the obstacles that need to be solved, however the Ace of Swords gives a very good omen on them, because in advance he announces that the consultant has the tools and the courage to confront them and get ahead.

On an economic level, the presence of this card speaks of the need to be honest and ethical. It also announces the arrival of a great business opportunity, so if the consultant is thinking of setting up his own business or partnering, the presence of the Ace of Swords warns him that it is the right time.

However, the importance of analyzing any card in its context, that is, taking into account the cards it surrounds itself, cannot be forgotten. Similarly, the Ace of Swords speaks of the arrival of a great gift from life and even an incredible offer.

As for the love, this card speaks of beginnings, either because a relationship is started, or because the one we already have begins to live a stage of change and reinventions. Anyway, the Ace of Swords always speaks of the tremendous intensity of feelings, that is, of excessive love, or of unregulated hatred.

However, the consultant goes through a stage where illusions are left out to give way to the reality of knowledge.

As for established couples, the Ace of Swords warns of the wisdom and strength to be had in the face of crises, for they are learned from them. In general, this card speaks of the challenges that are placed in front of us as mechanisms to lead us to knowledge and wisdom. Thus also this card speaks of a spiritual rebirth, so it can indicate that the consultant will know a new religion that can change his convictions.

If it appears inverted

Like all tarot cards, the Ace of Swords also has a meaning if it appears inverted, that is, head. In this case it loses a little of its positive sense, to tell us of a stage where the consultant can feel exhausted and without energy to take on the challenges that life imposes on him.

Likewise, the inverted Ace of Swords gives an account of a moment of great mental confusion, where the consultant must necessarily make a stop in his life, in order to sort his thoughts and set his priorities. If there is no mental clarity, the wrong path will be chosen, affecting our immediate future.

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Ace of Swords Tarot card meaning
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September 11, 2019

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